Giddy with Anticipation

While soaring high above the Rockies anticipating my descent into the quaint Hayden Colorado airport I would be giddy with anticipation at my first greeting of real winter. You see we don’t have real winter in San Diego, CA though some locals might disagree.

Upon landing and gathering my belongings from the overhead bins I’d begin to feel the bite of winter in the air and as I pass through the aircraft door and step down onto the runway I would immediately see my breath, reminding me that I am alive. Breath= a pre-requisite for winter fun at high altitude.

At the airport terminal I’d meet up with the awesome Vista Verde staff members who will shuttle me towards a little slice of heaven for one week, my home away from home, Vista Verde Ranch.

Having visited the ranch in the summer, I am now excited to see how beautifully different it will be in it’s winter light. I love winter and snow, blustery cool days and days so bright, they blind you from all the goodness nature has in store. Either way it will be peaceful and exhilarating.

I anticipate the sound that emits from my first steps onto the snowy plain, compressing millions of delicate snowflakes to carry me through my days in this winter wonderland. Daydreaming about what activities to partake, will it be snowshoeing or snow biking? What delicious morsels might await me in the dining room to fuel my days of exploring by cross-country skis or dog-sledding?

Early morning, early evening and or moonlight sleigh rides with hot cocoa and song,
The laughter that will echo from my launch off a sled into a fresh powder of snow where I’ll lay making snow angels to carry me to my next activity. The muffled clippity-clop of my horse’s hooves as we galliantly make our way on the snowy trails, quietly listening to the sounds of winter birds and rustling of trees.

Making new friends and getting reacquainted with old ones, sharing stories, sharing new experiences and kicking back in big leather sofas with a throw to nestle up to a good book and a glass of wine in front of a crackling fire.

Board games, charades perhaps even a winter barn ball where we can don our comfy down parkas, flannels and burn our inner dance party and so that’s my story…

no Donner, no Blitzen, no Cupid, or Vixen not even Rudolph can hold a nose light to the great experiences shared at the ranch and…

no matter what the weather or the event truly the best things in life ARE free. Mother nature provides it, we experience it, breath it, live it- with family, friends and and in good health- for this I am grateful. Can’t wait to see you all!!

Happy New Year!!

Name: Andrea Forgnone
City: San Diego
State: California