Dreams of Winter

Dear Vista Verde,
In a humble, agricultural community in Central California, there lives a quiet man and wife. In this little town, the man works in a local hardware store, encouraging others with humor and advice. His wife works at a local high school as a nurse, giving students smiles and care. They loyally earn their keep to provide for their daughter’s university education, as well as call and support their son, who fights for a career miles away in New York City. Their lifestyle is simple, full of long workdays and quiet dinners together. Every night, before they drift off to sleep to recharge for another day, they dream about a time of relaxation—of a temporary break from it all. And they deserve it.
As their daughter, I deeply appreciate their guidance, and admire their strength to provide for our family. I also know about their secret desire to briefly escape to the outdoors, and their beautiful love for each other. I have seen them sigh over the photos of Vista Verde, dreaming about its comforts but honorably pushing it away to fulfill priorities. Now that the dream can be a reality, and you ask, “How would THEY make most of your Vista Verde winter vacation?” Well, this is what I envision…
Their gasps as they take in Colorado’s winter wonderland.
Joined anticipation of time in your lovely cabins.
A snow trek in the morning, a sleigh ride in the evening.
Clinking glasses at a dinner not made by their own hands.
Skiing and spa time, horse-back riding and exploring.
Joy and rest, that before was impossible.
A trip away from all they have ever known.
To a place they cannot, but would love to forever call home.

Name: Dani Corona
City: Visalia
State: California