A Wish

Sitting down in a quiet house after a long day of taking care of our 4 girls, I come across a chance. An opportunity that only a struck of elusive luck could make possible.
I dare to close my eyes and imagine.

We are surrounded by gleaming white. The cold air making it’s way into my lungs. Every breath brings renewed energy. Snow is crunching beneath our feet as we greet the day.
Mine and my husband’s.
The day is ours.
Not work’s day. Not the school’s day. Not get everything done on the To-Do list day.
What will we do with this day?
Ski for the first time. The first time! Walk above the snow like we’ve only seen in movies or pictures. Run my fingers through a horses beautiful mane as we ride over hills and past endless trees.
Learn how to capture it all, not on Auto, but really capture the moment the way it’s meant to be seen.
Dine without schedules crowding out conversation.
Without having to wash the dishes.
We will linger over 3 nights of sunsets. Our respit giving us a moment to stop and appreciate what 11 years of love and hard work built, waiting far away at home.
3 days to just be us, to relax, to laugh, to experience so much new.
So much that would have been just a daydream without that elusive luck.
So much that would that would have remained just a wish.
I open my eyes. Click send. And wait.

Name: Melissa Guthier
City: Murfreesboro
State: TN