old and so tired

Hello All
My Name is Delrea my husband is Kenny .He is 64. And I am 53.My husband is a farmer and works daylight till dark We are raising our Three grandchildren
We adopted all three at birth they are 9-6-4.The first two are boys and the baby is a girl. I Stay home and raise the children. I had knee replacement. In 09. Then in 10 I fell and destroyed my knee I have had 12 surgeries on my leg and came very close to losing my leg twice I was home with a
a pic line in my arm that is an I.v. on. Antibiotics I was also in a rehab for over a month. We need a break, we are so tired. When my husband. Comes home at night he will sit at the computer and search Colorado he loves Colorado Our dream is to retire. In Colorado Three nights would be part of that dream. And we would be so thankful to you for. Giving us a break. And a little piece of our dream. Thank you. Dearea and Kenny

Name: Delrea. Kelderman
Company: just home
City: Garland city
State: Ar.