Second chance!

What lucky girls we were to have discovered Vista Verde in February of 2011! My two daughters and I spent 3 amazing days frolicking in the snow and kissing horses. My girls, then 8 and 10 fell in love with VV. We were supposed to spend the trip as a family, but at the last minute my husband was not able to join us due to an emergency situation at our company. He insisted we go without him. The staff and even the other guests embraced us and made us feel so welcome. We had a great time, but we missed him and did not feel complete without him. We have told him what a magical place VV is. I love to ask my girls…"where would you rather go, DisneyWorld or Vista Verde? The answer is always a resounding "Vista Verde!" We would love to show my husband the magic! Snow so deep you can’t see over it, tubing while the dogs race you down the hill, backcountry skiing in paradise, so many great memories! One day we will be back…until then I will pull on my ruby cowgirl boots, and repeat the manta "There’s no place like Vista Verde".

Name: Cindy George
City: Roswell
State: Ga