Momma needs a break!

Not much of a poet but here it is:

Married to the Man of my dreams
I’m on the right track it seems,
As the mother of two
I’m lucky it’s true,
However, always cleaning and cooking
Leaves me not very good looking,
I long for time to apply make-up
or perhaps just a cocktail in a cup,
Thanks for givin’ me a listen
I’ll be thinkin’ of the snow a glistenin’
I hope I don’t sound to whiney, but
I’d give anything to be on a sweet horses hiney.

I’m Nikkole Winters of Lehi, Ut. Married my high school sweetheart and we have two beautiful kids ages 3 & 9 months. I’d love to surprise my husband with a little time a way. We are LOVERS of the outdoors and I’m completely in love with everything about your ranch. If you pick me I’d be forever thankful. Thanks, Nikkole Winters

Name: Nikkole Winters
Company: Flying W Fotos
City: Lehi
State: Utah