It seems like yesterday that my family and I ventured out on a vacation out west. After losing my stepfather and sister the family was smaller- my brother, sister in law, my mom and me. To this day we fondly recall it as the "best vacation" ever. I still have my photos on the shelf with all of us on horseback smiling. Fast forward to today and my mom has COPD and is on oxygen full time. My brother and sister in law are in Fla. while my mom and I live in Md. I still have my Vista Verde shoe horn and always smile when I use it . It was summer when were there and I have never seen stars like that in my life! I always think of that when I check my horses at night. The thought of a Vista Verde vaction in the snow for me would be MAGICAL!

Name: Fran Burns
City: Monkton
State: Md