The Honeymoon We Never Had

My wife and I were married in July of 2010. Our families were both struggling financially, we both just graduated from college, and I was having a hard time finding a career; so we kept the wedding very simple and inexpensive. I worried about how I could pull together a Honeymoon. To my delight at the time, the parents of my wife’s best friend told me secretly that they wanted to give us a cruise for our wedding gift, but to not tell my wife, as they wanted it to be a surprise. Imagine my delight to hear this!

Our wedding day came, and it was the best day of my life! We got to our reception, had a great time, and later opened our gifts. I was so excited for my wife to open the envelope that contained tickets to our Honeymooon Cruise. To my dismay, there was no cruise. My heart sank a little, but I hoped that it would just come to us later, given personally by our friend’s parents. A few days passed, and no word about it. I hesitated to say anything, because I didn’t want to sound like I was being greedy or expecting anything. On the other hand, I didn’t want to have nothing for my wife. I just kept telling her it was a surprise. However, after a little while, I had to tell her what happened. She took it like a champ, but I could tell she was disappointed. I felt absolutely awful; as if I had failed already in my first husbandly duty. I probably would have planned something simple, but thought I didn’t have to. She kept smiling and said that she understood…my wife is an absolute angel!

A few more weeks passed, and I had already let go of the hope; but we were happy together, even though I still struggled to find a job (even with a Mechanical Engineering degree). My wife’s brother got married just about 2 months after we did. At their reception, I saw our friend’s parents. They came straight to me, whispered in my ear, and told me "We haven’t forgotten. We’ve just been very busy, but we’ll get it all put together for you guys." Hope flowed back into my heart, and I really was excited that I could truly surprise my wife.

Unfortunately, the cruise never came. I never asked about it, feeling that would be selfish of me to basically ask "where’s my gift?!" Our friend’s parents are great people, who I have a great deal of respect for. I am sure circumstance just took over, and I have no hard feelings. That being said, I fell back into my feelings of disappointment for not being able to give my wife something that she deserved, and still deserves. I found a job, but it took us away from her family, and it was a job I wouldn’t have taken if I hadn’t been looking for over 8 months. I needed to provide for her, and we needed to make some sacrifices. I had hoped to find a way to still give her a Honeymoon, but that became one of our sacrifices.

Recently, I’ve started to research some vacations, as my wife and I would like to, at least, take a simple vacation together before we start having children. In my research, I came across Vista Verde, and it jumped off the computer screen! I quickly showed my wife and she fell in love at first sight! Vista Verde is everything we’d want in a vacation; everything we would have wanted in a honeymoon. My wife’s eyes beamed as we looked through the websight, which we did over and over again for weeks! We tried to find every way possible to afford a getaway there, but have not been able to fit it into our tight budget. We have definitely put it on our list of "Must Do’s" in our life together!

Overall, a Winter Vacation at Vista Verde would give me the chance to give my wife, who I love more than anything, the honeymoon that we never had. The horses, the cabins, the trails, the lodge, the food, and even the snow (my wife has lived in warm climates most of her life) all look perfect! My wife has been my rock. She helped me through my 8 month struggle to find a job. She was willing to move away from her family for me. She has always been there for me when work was tough in a job I didn’t want. There are so many things I wish I could do for her. This Winter Vacation would give me a chance to thank her with something we will cherish for the rest of our lives. We will not take it for granted and will make the most of it. My goal everyday is to put as many smiles on my wife’s face as possible. I would set a personal record if I were able to tell her we’re going to Vista Verde! Thank you for this opportunity and God bless!

Name: Aaron Boyd
City: Kansas City
State: Missouri