Sister & Brother Retreat

Dear Vista Verde,

If I were to stay at Vista Verde, it would be an incredible experience and opportunity. I’ve not ever stayed on a ranch before but a year ago I applied to go live on several of them to work and take a break from my business. One in particular caught my eye just outside Colorado Springs but in the end while I was invited to come and learn and share life with the small staff of that company, I needed to stay and work on my business. I hope to one day live on a farm or ranch. It’s a dream of mine though I know it’s a lot of work.

I am a photographer and if I stayed at Vista Verde I would definitely take lots of photos with snow/horses/scenery, participate in any photography class if available, ride the horses to gain more horsemanship experience, sit by a fireplace and journal and enjoy the beautiful scenery. I’ve not snowshoed before so that would also be fun.

When thinking about who I’d share this experience with I knew exactly that it’d be my brother, Zach. He lives in Denver and I have not visited him since he moved there; it would be an adventure we could do together. I’ve had this dream to take a trip with him somewhere b/c we are both the outdoorsy type. We are the only single siblings left in our family…both really hard working and try to take a break from our drivenness when we can. He is a big snow boarding/skier so I know he would enjoy that. I know this would be a chance to have a memory with him before both of us grow older and start families.
(In the photos attached…in the 3rd image with Mom/kids, I’m the one looking at Zach)

Name: Amber
City: Nashville
State: TN