Vista Verde Ranch, Luxury Guest Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch"
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Ride on Cowboy

Date: January 23rd, 2012

Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

The Vista Verde Ranch family suffered a heartbreaking loss last night with the passing of owner Jerry Throgmartin.  He passed suddenly and unexpectedly after becoming ill.

Jerry and Peggy purchased Vista Verde in 2006 and invested their love, time and resources into making it not only the best ranch to visit, but the best place to work.  His support and dedication to the ranch team, the guest experience and the place we all love was tremendous.  Jerry touched so many lives and left an incredible legacy at the ranch.  It’s been a pleasure to see him live out his childhood dream of being a rancher—and even a greater delight to see him fall in love with the hospitality industry and creating the guest experience.  What many people did not get to see is how much time and energy he put into developing us as a management team.  He was, quite simply, the best person to work for.

At this time, we appreciate all your messages of love and support.  If we don’t respond right away, please know that we are thankful for the support.   Jerry was a sincere man of faith and even though his departure is an incredible loss to us, his family takes comfort that this has all been a part of God’s plan.  While we seek to comfort one another, the beauty of a ranch is that it is a reminder that life doesn’t stop.  Horses need to be fed, meals need to be cooked, and snow needs to be shoveled.

Many have asked how they can show their support at this time.  We are asking in lieu of flowers for guests to send a note with any memories of Jerry and what the ranch has meant to you.  He took great joy in sharing this “piece of heaven” with others.  We will share these notes with Peggy and Nicky as well as the ranch team.   Also, please feel free to post any messages on this blog or our Facebook page.  We will share it all with his family.

More details will follow about Jerry and services planned in Colorado.   In the meantime, we are thinking of Jerry riding his horse, sharing laughter with friends and family, with the sun shining on his back.  Ride on, Cowboy.  We love you and God bless.

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

43 Responses to “Ride on Cowboy”

Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
  1. Bob and Laurence Kaplan Says:

    Please accept our deepest sympathy! Jerry will be missed.

  2. Bruce G Says:

    Jerry will be greatly missed by everyone that had the good fortune to know him. One of my favorite things about Jerry was that when a first time guest would come up to the barn, they would assume he was one of the ranch hands. He would be getting horses ready, saddleing them up and then be giving riding tips. You would never have known he was the owner, that’s the way he wanted it, that’s what made him the special person he was. Sandy and I will miss him so very much.

  3. sue Says:

    I am in tears reading this. Our family was so fortunate to have met this wonderful, Prince of a man this summer. Dan enjoyed his breakfasts with him. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and everyone at Vista Verde. He will be missed and always remembered in our hearts!

  4. Says:

    Love you all…………….Treena

  5. Kim Says:

    We will be thinking of all of you at VVR and saying many prayers. What a terrible loss for all of you (and for all of us who consider ourselves a little part of the family as well). In our four visits to the ranch we had the pleasure of getting to know Jerry and the whole family. Jerry spent quite a bit of time with our youngest daughter on one of our visits. She was terribly afraid of horses and he tried to help her understand them and overcome her fear. I am hoping that he got to see her up on Tonto in the cattle herding contest last summer – she looked like a regular cowgirl – fear conquered. Our love and prayers to all of you.

    Dave, Kim, Kate and Sarah Huttenlocher

  6. Courtney Gugliuzza Says:

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Jerry and my thoughts and prayers are with the Throgmartins and everyone at VVR during this tough time. My experience as a staff at Vista Verde was incredibly rewarding and fun, and I will never forget seeing Jerry around the ranch with a big smile on his face after a great ride in that beautiful country he was fortunate enough to call home. All my love and support to you all!

  7. Wanda Willis Says:

    Jim and I are so sad over the news of Jerry’s death. What a legacy he leaves behind in his character and the love he showed his family, employees and guests at the ranch. I agree; If you did not know he and Peggy were the owners, you would never have guessed it by being around them. Our ranch experiences over the years hold so many great memories.
    We have watched the ranch grow to include the new lodge, the indoor riding arena and the pool all part of his desire to make it the best “ranch experience” you would want to have. Our prayers to his family and to all of you at the ranch who knew him so well.

  8. sweetheartsfifty Says:

    Neal and I send our condolences. We are hopeful that the Throgmartin family finds peace in the wonderful memories of Jerry and the place that he loved so much.
    Aloha, Marian Yasuda

  9. Hallie Minglin Says:

    My heart just broke for Peggy, Nicky, and Christy and all the Throgmartins, and for the extended family of ranch employees past and present who will miss Jerry’s amazing hospitality and giving spirit. I am so blessed to have had the VVR employee experience and will keep Jerry and his family in my heart and in my prayers. Great memories are all I have of VVR and the Throgmartin family. <3 <3 <3 HAllie Minglin

  10. Marsha Schappell Says:

    Bob and I watched from a short distance the wonderful things Jerry andPeggy did over at the ranch, Being a neighbor, we felt fortunate to have such great people running a ranch that felt like a welcome mat was out for anyone who wondered up to the buildings. All the people working there were so kind. We brought our horse loving granddaughters over just to see the horses and was greeted like a guest and given a tour of the barn. All of you who work at Vista Verde are in our thoughts and we feel your sorrow as you try to carry on doing what Jerry wanted you to do, just be the best people at the best place. He must of been so proud of you all. Your neighbors, bob and marsha

  11. Caren Logsdon Ruffner Says:

    My prayers and love abide with you all.

  12. Dusty and Adair Danos Says:

    My heart goes out to all of the Throgmartin family as well as all of those who have been blessed to know Jerry. What a wonderful person and family and our thoughts and prayers are with them now.

  13. Dean and Carol Crow Says:

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the whole Ranch Family. Peggy and the kids share our deepest heartfelt sympathies. Jerry will be missed by all.

  14. Val Darlington Says:

    Our sincere condolences to Peggy, the family and crew. Our thoughts are with you.
    Lazy EL Ranch

  15. BetsyH Says:

    So sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with the Throgmartin family and Jerry’s Vista Verde family.

  16. Rob Citto Says:

    My heart goes out to the peggy and the family, I will remember the good times I had with Jerry and at the ranch.

  17. Jane Mahoney Says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Peggy and the Ranch Family. Jerry, rest in peace. You will be missed.

  18. Mary Kathryn Kelley Says:

    We are so sad to hear this terrible news and our prayers will be with all of you – Jerry’s family and all his friends at VVR. He could have lived out his ranch dream with only a handful of people but instead he shared such a magical place with so many. We will always be grateful for that generosity of spirit.
    From the Southworth family.

  19. Elvin Tufly Says:

    I was born and lived at Vista Verde from 1939 until 1957 when I went into the USAF. I met and knew each owner up to Mr Throgmartin from this article I can see this was my misfortune.
    I pass my families sympathies , however, having lost both of my parents you are correct life does go on and on a ranch nothing gets done without someone bucking up and doing it.

  20. Ambrose Family (Springfield, IL) Says:

    Many of our years at VVR were spent in the pre-Throgmartin era. We didn’t know how the ranch could improve until we experienced the delightful changes and additions made by Jerry and Peggy, truly amazing people that made the ranch experience even more amazing. Our one prayer in life is to leave love and goodwill among people we touch and make a difference in this world. Thankfully, we were able to meet and be touched by Jerry and his love for the ranch and God’s creation. Thank you for sharing with those far and near. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you and may Jerry’s spirit forever be a part of VVR.

  21. Sallie Hallmark Says:

    3 eggs over easy and dry toast. Everytime. :) Not much changed with Jerry. His convictions and his imense love for his family and friends never changed either. You could always count on Jerry to be the rock. He always knew what to do in any situation. When CC had a flat tire and we were trying to figure out how to fix it on our own at lunch one day, we returned to the barnominium where he was laying on the snowy ground under the car changing the tire for us. He was also there the day Nicky delivered her first foal and beamed as only a proud papa can do. I also remember him shaking his head not knowing what to think when we told him Nicky rode the mechanical bull in Cheyenne longer than anyone else.
    There are so many things Jerry was I could not possibly list them all, but for starters he was a man of God, devoted family man, and one of the most genuine people I have ever met. That actually goes for the whole extended Throgmartin family. Thanks for opening up your hearts and lives to so many others. I know Jerry is proud of each and every one of you.

  22. Carol Rodgers Says:

    I returned to VVR for my 4th visit in June 2011. My visit that time was alone because my husband had died recently. I came back alone because VVR was a place where I felt happy and renewed AND because the entire VVR family made me feel like family. I very much feel the shock and sorrow to hear of Jerry’s passing. I happily remember the team penning competition – I was on Jerry’s team….and we had a lot of fun…and we won! I will miss his smiling face when I return this year. My prayers are for Peggy , Nicky and the entire VVR family.

  23. Del Schmidt Says:

    Aunt Peggy, Christy, Nicky, and Greggy. I am so sorry to hear about Uncle Jerrys passing. I talked to my pops tonight who told me everything. Ill be thinking about all of you!

  24. Martin O'Donnell Says:

    We are so sorry to hear of Jerrys passing it has shocked us all,please pass on our love and thoughts to Peggy,Nicky and all at VVR.

    Thinking of you

    The O’Donnell&Bassett Famillies (UK) XX

  25. diamonddrum Says:

    Our hearts go out to Peggy and family at the suden loss of Jerry. Peter and I have enjoyed many years of friendship and hospitality from Jerry and Peggy and their way of making us feel so much a part of the VVR family that we feel we are returning home when we visit. We know that Jerry has created a very special place – a real heaven on earth – and it was an honour to have know him.

  26. Conrad Says:

    I am so very sorry. Jerry touched more lives than we will ever know. The media (TV, radio, newspaper) is reporting nothing but incredibly positive words about the amazing impact Jerry had to the community and everyone around him. Very few people in this world make that type of positve impact I am honored to have been a friend of Jerry’s and so very blessed to have been a recipient of his amazing generosity and experience his integrity, courage, love, and faith. Love and prayers to the family and the vista verde community.

  27. Jordan Zimmerman Says:


    I feel blessed to have met and spent time with Jerry last year…. Gregg thank you so much for inviting me to Stifel Nicolaus conference…… It is there that i got to really know your dad….. He had this calm demeanor but incredible presence…….. He had a way of looking at investing that was refreshing…… Finally his vision and fortitude in building hh into the brand it is today is for the text books! I look forward to spending time with you and the family at the Vista Verde Ranch and remembering your dad for all his great accomplishments…..

  28. Terri Says:

    I wanted to share that we lost our loving old horse on Sunday. Reading your post helped encourage us, especially my young son who is having a difficult time with the loss in his life.
    Thank you for sharing and sorry for your grand loss….
    It gives you peace knowing where he is……
    God Bless….

  29. Cathy Billoni Says:

    Our deepest sympathies. We had our most favorite vacation at Visa Verda last year and want to get back there again someday soon. Keeing all of you in our hearts and prayers. Thank you for having such a wonderful special place there.

  30. Lisa Lyons and Paul Farrelle Says:

    I have been sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks, trying to think of what to write about a man that I only had the chance to meet once. We spent 5 days at the Ranch with Jerry and his amazing team. I just keep thinking about how happy and honored I am that I had that time to be with him at the Ranch ,doing the things that he loved. My sister is a Board Member with him, but you wouldn’t have known it, that weekend was all about fun!

    He was a larger than life, smart, kind man, that never once made us feel like anything but family. Generous beyond belief, funny and quite a cowboy! His family at VVR is a reflection of his ideals of business, hospitality and fun.
    We can’t say enough good things about the experience that we had at VVR.

    My (our ) heart goes out to all the wonderful people at the Ranch and to his family. He touched our hearts in that short time, in a way that is hard to ignore.
    He will be so missed. We can’t wait to come back to VVR to hopefully feel Jerry’s presence and live a piece of his dream again.
    I did an extra long ride today a thought of him… and all the hints he gave me.
    Smiles and tears.
    Cheers to you Jerry.

  31. Susi Wilcher Says:

    With a 40+ year friendship with this family, amazing times and adventures have been shared. My prayers go to one of my best friends in life, Peggy, and the whole wonderful Throgmartin family. Jerry has always seemed bigger than life and lived it to it’s fullest. He will always be carried in all our hearts through our wonderful memories.

  32. Dustin & Kate Wise Says:

    I am so thankful for what he (& Peggy) means to my Uncle Ben & Aunt Holly and cousins (as well as my parents and brother who spent a short time working out at the ranch). Aside from trips up to visit my family, my husband and I have the most amazing memory of getting married right there in the lodge! The amount of hospitality, organization, decoration and love put into the ranch gave us an incredibly memorable experience on our wedding day! You all are in our prayers this week!

  33. Warren Williams Says:

    My prayers go out to all the family right now.God is with you to comfort you .

  34. Bob & Pat Frey Says:

    Our deepest sympathy to you Peggy, your family and the VVR family. Our visits to the ranch were a piece of heaven to us and we know Jerry will look down from heaven with smiles at what the future will bring. We hope to see you all again in the future.

  35. Sammartino family Says:

    Our prayers go out to Jerry’s family and all of you at VVR. His dream lived out gave many families including my own a gift to share that dream even if only for a week out of our lives.

  36. Jeanne Says:

    Please accept our deepest sympathies for your loss. Many years ago we had the pleasure of meeting Jerry and Peggy at Colorado Trails and our lives are richer for it.

  37. Dave & Barb Bradt Says:

    Jerry will be missed. We are praying for Peggy and the entire family. May God hold you close.

  38. Ellen & Dan Morin Says:

    Peggy, we are so sorry to hear of your loss. Take some comfort that you are surrounded by the concern and prayers of hundreds of people who care for you. — Dan & Ellen Morin, Sundance Trail Ranch

  39. Kathy Tierney Says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful photo and message
    Heartbroken in California!
    He was a prince among mortals

  40. The Callinan's from Australia Says:

    We spent our first VVR Christmas in 2011, and our entire family agree that it was our best ever. Every second day, our kids would remark: “Best Day EVER!!!” Of course, Karen and I were absolutely blown away not just by the amazing place that is VVR, but by the people who run and care for it.
    VVR manages to not just be a place of excellence, but a place of heart. To achieve this amazing state of being takes an amazing leader. I saw Jerry around, but didn’t have the pleasure of chatting; though his results speak for themselves.
    We know that the Throgmartins can take solace in their faith, and the fact that Jerry passed away when he was surely at the top of his game.
    Pat, Karen, Bill, Gus & Charlotte

  41. Mary Siebein Says:

    Since I could not make the funeral Friday, I was so appreciative of the on line story of Jerry. I have watched it twice and was tearful both times. I know that the young boy I knew in high school grew into a great man. He was blessed to have married you Peggy and to have the dream life and family he always wanted. I hope to see you again in the future, Mary

  42. Karen Callinan Says:

    I am heartbroken to hear of your lose. Please know that the experience that Jerry enabled us to have was so much more than just a ‘great holiday’.

    Spending time in that arena with Terry, Nicky, Parker and, on one special occasion with Peggy, sent me back to Australia with a renewed outlook on my riding and most importantly life.

    When Terry highlighted that ‘you can’t win a ribbon without going to the show’, I knew I needed to get home and make my dreams happen. I’ve since been looking for a quarter horse like Oreo and with a couple on the short list I have never been more excited about my future.

    We were so privileged to see Nicky ride beautifully this Christmas without the reins and the joy that brought to your lovely family. An inspiring memory that I treasure.

    Thank you for opening Vista Verde to us Jerry and for creating such a wonderful place for people to experience true warmth and beauty. (And in my case, make a few life adjustments). Please know that you are a part of other people’s life stories and just how appreciated are.

    With much gratitude and love to everyone at Vista Verde,
    Karen Callinan (Australia)

  43. Jan Says:

    How very sad we are to hear of the great loss at VVR. Although we never had the pleasure to meet this wonderful man, the tributes paid to him speak volumes. Our family came to the ranch from the UK Christmas 1999 and have been wanting to get back to the best place on earth ever since, we still have this dream of returning and know that all the wonderful people there will be doing 110% to keep a most magical place up and running for all of us that have had such a wondeful experience with you and for the future guests. W will return one day! Sincere condolences the VVR family.

    Jan & John Hyde

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