Fresh Tracks

There is nothing like getting off the beaten path. Excuse me, there is nothing like getting off the beaten path while still enjoying fine accomodations and wonderful cuisine. All of this is possible at Vista Verde.

My wife and I just discovered we are expecting our second child. Before we have fresh tracks in our home, a vacation for the two of us to reconnect, relax and maybe make some fresh tracks of our own would be a true luxury. She has never experienced how smooth and peaceful skiing on groomed cross country trails can be. Or the beauty of watching a well trained team of horses pull a hay sled thru a snowy field. Or we might just pull the covers over our heads and sleep in a little while the rocky mountain chickadees chatter away.

I may need to practice this visual exercise daily!

Name: Daniel Billingsley
Company: Colorado State University
City: Fort Collins
State: CO