A Global Coicindence?

Last October, my wife Kari and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. We went out for a quiet dinner, and promised each other that this winter, when my parents were available to watch the kids, we would get away somewhere special, just the two of us.

Meanwhile, I watched in envy as one of my childhood friends from New Zealand, Rachel Cox, took her family all the way to Vista Verde for the Christmas holidays. I was happy for her, and enjoyed her beautiful pictures of snow, mountains and horses. I watched her facebook updates and wondered what it would be like if Kari and I had the resources for a vacation like that for our twentieth. Although we live in Nashville, that sort of vacation is still out of reach for us.

Meanwhile, I asked some other friends about staying in their condo in Florida for our getaway. As it turned it out, that won’t work out. But after we communicated, I saw this link to Vista Verde on *their* facebook page. It seems too coincidental.

Kari and I love the mountains of Colorado, which we visited several times together when we were younger. We love sitting in front of the fire, playing games and relaxing together. Our ideal time away is quiet, filled with views, walks and good food.

Is it coincidence that a childhood friend from across the world just spend several days in Vista Verde? It is coincidence that my wife and my plan was for a very special vacation this winter to celebrate twenty years? I guess we’ll see…

Name: Tom Hilpert
City: Lebanon
State: Tennessee