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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch"
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Shuffling Horses

Date: November 8th, 2011

Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

By guest blogger- Reid Morgan

November at Vista Verde means many different things, but in the horse department, it means preparing our herd for the rigors of a Steamboat Springs Winter. We’ve been moving horses around from pasture to pasture, building new stalls in the indoor arena for some “5 star” horse living quarters, and also buying, selling, and donating horses. We have been on a mission to send some of our older horses to good homes this fall as it can be a challenge for the older guys to stay fat and happy through the cold winter. Many of our older horses (Red and Casey) have been going to therapeutic riding centers, where they’ll live happily in a warm stall and continue to give joy to the children who ride and learn from them. Some of our horses (Gaeton, Wyatt, and Sugar) are finding homes with kind individuals who are looking for a friend. One of our ponies (Arapaho) even traveled all the way to North Carolina for retirement! We get very excited to pass these horses, who have given us so much, on to new owners who will enjoy them in their later years.


Ground driving the new team

Do not think, friends, that we are only giving away horses though! Indeed, we are adding to the herd as well. Just this past weekend a few of us headed down the road to an estate auction to check out a herd in Steamboat Springs.  The owner of this ranch passed away almost 4 years ago, leaving 26 horses to pasture for almost 4 years! These horses had been used for sleigh rides, hunting and camping trips, and even some trail rides and cattle work. It was very exciting to see the community rally around this family to help them find good homes for these horses. Though there are good arguments for and against the horse-meat market, no one wanted to see these horses have to suffer a trip all the way down to Mexico, so we all showed up to see what we could do! Vista Verde was able to provide a home for 3 of these horses, 2 beautiful white Percherons (full brothers) and one sweet black half-draft named “Stormy.” We are so excited to see how these big white boys do pulling our feed sleigh and we just now are getting the snow to make that possible! Also, we’re looking for good names for these two, any suggestions?


It’s always great to be amongst people who care as much for these beautiful animals as we at Vista Verde do, and the community of Steamboat Springs in one such group of people. Our horses give us such joy and companionship over the years, and teach us so much about ourselves! It’s all we can do to give back to them for their kindness and loyalty.

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

2 Responses to “Shuffling Horses”

Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
  1. Aileas Macdonald Says:

    Hey all…
    It’s Aileas Macdonald!!! I went to the ranch in the summer 2011 and had such a great time, so did the rest of the family (Jackie, Patrick, Katie and Jamie!) We’re the ones from Edinburgh, Scotland!! I rode Tonto and he was gorgeous!!! I was thinking about the names of the two new horses and then I remembered that in the October holidays I went to an island in Scotland called Sark. On Sark, there were no cars, just tractors and….. HORSE DRAWN CARTS!!!!! We all went on one and ours was pulled by the biggest horse on the island, a big, white Percheron!!! She was called Lucy and was lovely!!! You could call one of the horses Tic and the other one Tac, like the candy = Tic-Tacs!!! What have you named the new(ish) black and white horse that me and Jessica thought should be called Beach Boy?

    the Macdonald Family

    (written by Aileas Macdonald)

  2. vistaverderanch Says:

    Hi Aileas- Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll share it with the barn crew.

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