Restorative Retreat

I have been fighting cervical/bladder cancer since 2007, going though four treatments of Chemo, radation and internal radation. After stopping the fourth course of Chemo treatments because of having to spend eleven days in the hospital after the treatments. My quality of life is better without the courses of Chemo making me so sick that I end up in the hospital for five to six days I deceided to end the Chemo for good. Now I am going to try to restore my life to as good as I can and live what is left of my life the best as I can.

A winter vacation at this time would be just the thing that I need to restore myself. I have a love of the outdoors and horses that I have not been able to enjoy of to now and I want to ride in the snow and sunshine again.

I was a wrangler just out of college and fell in love with the life on a ranch at that time. I would love to enjoy that again. It will help me put my life together again as it did at that time. Letting me plan for the future and fall in love with the outdoors. Being able to be outdoors and have everything that I need to restore myself physically and mentally available to me is the perfect vacation for me at this time. All the activities and good food are just the thing for me to restore me.

I will horseback ride as much as the weather will allow anding a sliegh ride a message and time sitting in the spa and/or hot tub then all the great food with new company is just the thing that will make a great vacation for me. Time to read and enjoy the peace is a evening that I look forward to. This is what my stay would be like if I were to join you at Vista Verde for a winter vacation.

Thank you for this chance.

Diana Kempf

Name: Diana Kempf
City: Battle Creek
State: MI