A Winter Escape

I am a hard working, family orientated, red-neck woman otherwise known as the cow woman & horse girl. However, my 12 years of married life to an ex-bull rider has been wrought with trials & tribulations that have brought me to my knees many times and almost cost me my marriage in the recent months. My husband Bryan & I were married in 2001, 4 days after 9-11 happened. I can still remember sitting in the hair dressor’s chair during a moment of silence with tears streaming down my face wondering how I could be happy when so many lives were never going to be the same. We did our best to pay tribute to the tragedy and still have our happy moments that day. For a wedding gift we received a dude ranch vacation in northern Michigan but with all the border issues for travel we delayed the trip byseveral days. As we were leaving our hotel we got the call that Gramma Rita had passed away and we needed to attend a funeral before leaving for our honeymoon. She had held on for us no doubt. Life was good for awhile after this and in 2003 we were expecting our first child. The pregnancy was a bit tough with a couple false labours, excessive weight gain, extra fluid, and then pre-term labour. Sept 5th, 5.5 weeks early, Faydra was born after going through 3 hospitals before finally delivering her. Several weeks in the NICU and we were finally home. Our bliss was to be fairly short lived as something seemed amiss by Christmas with a strange shake in her eyes. A CAT scan revealed a brain tumour behind her nose the size of a golf ball and several tumours in her eyes, CANCER! The treatments begain in a flurry, surgery, chemo, more surgery but we gained precious time. End of intensive treatment came and maintenance brought relief but again to be very short lived with first reoccurence. More treatments again, this time stem cell transplant, scarey to say the least. Remission again. Then worst news of life, tumours spread, no more to try. She died 5 days past 3rd birthday. Happiest little girl you ever met, taught everyone secret of life is not things you own but time, moments & people you have. We can get through this. Shortly there after, happily found out expecting 2nd child. Horrible testing to confirm not sick like first, but get the result we hope but…growth on my ovary increasing in size throughout pregnancy. Unable to confirm cancer or other until birth. C-section baby delivery and Ovary removed, success, NOT CANCER! Healthy, happy Addyson! Fast forward 2 years and decision to adopt a child to complete our family, following suit of my own adoption as an infant. Meet 10 year old, big brother Aaron. Life seems great first year, then school issues begin, lying constantly, and finally discover sibling abuse by Aaron towards Addy. Life shattered again. Couselling and turmoil, courts and pain. All of us left reeling. Addy no more big brother, us no more son. Devastation that tore us apart. Husband and wife hurting so bad, not helping one another anymore, just about heading in different directions. Thought of loss of what we had triggers reaction. Need to hang onto this relationship, we can rebuild what we had. Forgive each other, fight for one another. Reaffirm need to be together. Next step, vacation away together to heal and bond and start new traditions that got lost along the way. An opportunity to have this beautiful winter getaway would mean the world to us and help continue us down our path of healing. Hope you will consider us. Thanks for wonderful opportunity. All the best in 2013.

Name: Angela Fairfield
City: Arthur
State: Ontario