Winter Love Renewal

Hi. I am in the process of looking for a great winter love escape for my husband and I. We were high school sweethearts, got married when we were just 18 years old and have now celebrated our 34th year of marriage. We have been through a lot of hardships and joy over the years and continue to build memories each and every day.
I am a retreat coach and specialize in taking women, couples and families on horse retreats. My husband, Bob, has been such a trooper in supporting me in this business. He comes with me when I do couple’s retreats because it wouldn’t be right to do a couple’s retreat without a couple leading it! Since we have been together so long, we feel like we should share with others some of the lessons we have learned about marriage and making it work.
I truly love what I do and feel it is a gift from God to be able to offer my life changing retreats to others. There are times, however, when I feel like I need to renew myself just like my participants renew themselves after attending one of my retreats. This winter vacation would do just that because it has all the elements I love: my husband to share it with, snow and cold, horses and a beautiful lodge to stay in.
Bob is in the real estate business and the last few years have been extremely tough. The stress on both of us as a result of this downward spiral of real estate has been enormous. We feel like we have been run over by a truck! We are trying to stay strong and positive, but it is difficult in this uneasy economy.
If we were chosen to be the winners of this awesome gift, we would take the time to just be with each other to renew our love, passion and excitement about life. Our escape from the outside world is sorely needed. We would focus on abundance, not scarcity. We would spend time cuddling by the fire just "being" instead of always "doing," We would go outside to experience the beauty of the snow and feel the strength of a horse underneath us. Bob and I both grew up in snow country but have been living in Atlanta that last 20 years and now miss the snowy landscape and the power of a horse plowing through the snow.
Bob and I would love to be ambassadors for your ranch while basking in the treasures of the dead cold of winter. I hope you can help us renew our relationship and love for each other through this fantastic gift.

Name: Teresa Wolf
Company: Soul Discovery on Horseback
City: Acworth
State: Georgia