One Dream

Dream! One has to do that. Life doesn’t ‘necessarily hand out wonderful experiences like Santa gives out candy. Going to Vista Verde would be like the most wonderful Santa present ever.
It would be our country lifestyle but without the work!!! and experiences we have only dreamed about. It would be the wonderful trail horses that are so quiet as you go down that snowy road and watching the reining horses do their magic! It would be snowshoe trails with new vistas opening before our eyes and sleigh bells ringing, calling us to come for a ride. It would be enjoying wonderful meals and giggling over a glass of wine in the evening as we remembered the days adventures. It would be three days that would take us away for a wonderful, once in a lifetime, experience. One that would be written in our hearts forever and be a light and delight for us to remember when we return to our "real lives".

Name: Toni Wilhite
City: Cranbrook
State: British Columbia