My perfect Vacation.

I would arrive at a lovely ranch with a beautiful barn. I would be greeted by friendly people and happy horses,grazing in there pasture, but curious enough to come over to greet me. I would settle in to an old fashioned room with modern conviences. I would have a wonderful meal that night. The next morning I would meet my perfect horse, he would be an older gentleman, perfectly trained , he would be happy to meet an old cowgirl ready to see the country side. We would ride for hours with a guide that would tell us the history of this land. As we arrive back at the ranch we could smell supper cooking. I would consider it a pleasure to brush my new friend and make sure he is confortable for the night.I would maybe relax in a hot tub before supper, and enjoy good conversation with other guest before bed. What a wonderful day in be in Gods country and enjoy his gift of the horse to man.Sweet Dreams to all

Name: Brenda Casteel
Company: Retired
City: Denton
State: North Carolina