ms. karen ullman

Would love for the family to have a winter getaway!! Thanks for the chance. I loved my THREE summers at A-A Ranch (1993, 94, 96) in Encampment, WY and we loved our winters out WEST, for skiing, pre kids! This famly of FOUR (Eve- 6 and Lucy – 4) would love a chance to see Vista Verde Ranch in the Winter. We love making S’mores too! Thanks for the opportunity and Happy 2013 to YOU! Karen, Atman, Eve and Lucy
P.S. – We have lots of vacations in the summer to create memories but not many in the winter. The 1st picture is from the summer but we’ll make sure to bring WARM clothes to VIsta Verde Ranch if we WIN!! The 2nd picture shows Lucy all bundled UP!! Thanks agan!

Name: karen ulman
City: Memphis
State: TN