June 2011

Two Southern gals and a mountain

Time and life really does pass too quickly. My amazing daughter is already 26. She is a dedicated career lady and talented outdoors woman. We share a love of our horses, fishing, hiking and anything that keeps us in touch with the beauty and peace of nature.
We find less time to spend with each other and this would be a trip for the two of us to just be mom and daughter. Our roots are born of South Carolina. My daughter now lives in Florida now and I in Texas. We would cherish the special trip you have planned. It would be a memory for life. Also, my daughter headed up the horse program for a dude ranch one summer while she was in college. She fell in love with the region and has always wanted a chance to venture to the area once again.
Thank you,

Name: Caron H. Marble
City: Sugar Land
State: Texas

October Horsemanship Clinic

For those of you who have enjoyed the in-depth riding experience at Vista Verde Ranch, we want to invite you to come back in October for a 4 day intensive horsemanship clinic with ranch trainer Terry Wegener.

The clinic at our luxury guest ranch will be a great experience to take your riding to the next level. Join us October 5-9, 2011 for a fall riding experience. The rate is $1,400/person and space is limited to 12 riders.

Please contact Stephanie at 800-526-7433 to reserve your spot for this riding vacation at Vista Verde.

Colorado Boys!

In June of 2011, my family of 5 needed to head to Washington, DC for my husbands job. My youngest son was born in Littleton, Colorado and my other 2 sons spent the last 10 years of their lives in Highlands Ranch. When we moved, it literally ripped our hearts out. We enjoyed Colorado for 10 years and we love to ski and hike and camp. Washington, DC is far from Colorado and expensive for us to visit. My youngest son has not seen where he was born and I would love to show him. We have also never been able to stay at a dude ranch and Steam Boat Springs would be awesome! It would be fabulous to go back and visit the most beautiful state in the good old USA! Thank you for your consideration! 🙂

Name: suzanne arrison
City: mclean
State: VA

The Long Term Effects of Dude Ranching

Most people enter the dude ranching business because they love people, horses, the outdoors, or just the Western way of life. Most don’t know that entering the business will have a profound impact on their lives.

It starts with finding out that the people you serve daily are really amazing folks. Wait a sec, suddenly you are becoming friends with those very people you take in as guests. And the staff you hire to make the dude ranch operation a success? Hey, you kind of like them too!

Here’s where the warning comes for those who consider the dude ranch business. Now that your friends with these folks, life becomes more meaningful. You find your self engaged in their lives. I think of the folks who I’ve cried for, wished for, and had heart ache for- Don, Guy, and Carol come to mind immediately. But I also think about those who joys I’ve been able to share. The new grand babies, new careers, new family ventures, marriages, beating the odds, and all those success that come in life. Long after guests leave from their dude ranch vacation, we get to hear those updates and rejoice with our friends. The multiple invites to amazing places that all of us receive from grateful guests are overwhelming. I’ve whooped it up in Bermuda, Chelsea and Amanda just had a memorable dinner in London, Ben is looking forward to front row seats at a big game, Steve and Kelli had a heartwarming visit in Montana, and Dace has sat at too many dining room tables reconnecting with guests to mention. Mary, we will make it to Florida one day!

And then there’s the staff. Those pesky young people who you have to put up with in order to get the job done, right? Not at this Colorado dude ranch. I just reluctantly sent an RSVP to Gabriella to decline attending her wedding. We’ve been able to watch these great people go into the world and do powerful things, fall in love, start families, and continue to grow. The notes of thanks from past staff in all of our desk drawers keep each of us going on the tough days.

Yes, it’s a rough job to work at a guest ranch, but we’ll take it a little longer. We hope to have many more of you cross our cattle guard as guests the first time, and drive across it on your way home as friends and family.

Romance Continues

I would love a romantic getaway with my husband of 20 years. He is the most fantastic husband and our love continues to grow. We love Colorado and the outdoors. I am an avid horseman and we could share a wonderful memory-making experience including dining, riding and a romantic sleigh ride. Oh, and don’t forget tubing. It would be a wonderful blessing if I could surprise my husband with such a wonderful getaway. Thanks for the opportunity, Happy New Year!

Name: Monica Wheeler
City: Arvada
State: CO

Macaroni Kid- June 2011

Dude, Where’s My Ranch? By Joyce Shulman

The west is overflowing with guest ranches that range from uber-luxury to affordable. Here are a few to check out.

Vista Verde Ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado is a small luxury ranch with beautiful facilities and accommodations. An extensive family program is coupled with an effort to maintain its down-to-earth, warm and friendly vibe. With only about 40 guests at a time, Vista Verde strives to provide a personal and tailored experience for its guests. With a new pool, a mountain setting and lots of other activities, like most guest ranches, the horses are at the center. “Everyone is matched with an appropriate horse for the week and for many that results in a sad farewell at the end of their stay,” says the Resort. We can imagine. The fun for the kids extends beyond the riding program, with treasure hunts, pow wows, campfires, boat races, gold panning and a ride on a fire truck to the local store for ice cream help to round out the week. Their teen program is a nod to the reality that teens need their own space to explore at their own pace. Of course, adventure for the entire family the experience together abounds, with family horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, rock climbing and more. Vista Verde looks to us like one to check out.

The Vee Bar Guest and Dude ranch near Laramie, Wyoming is a family-friendly ranch that emphasizes horseback riding, but that is only the beginning of this Wyoming family vacation. The ranch activities include hiking, fishing, river tubing, trap shooting, camping, herding cattle, hayrides and more. A historical setting at the base of the Snowy Range Mountains, the Vee Bar ranch prides itself on providing True Western Hospitality. Vacation activities center around western horseback riding and the Vee Bar claims one of the best horseback riding programs to be found at any guest ranch and offers a range of riding experiences … from the meadows to riding across the top of Sheep Mountain in the Medicine Bow National Forest. Children six and older are eligible for horseback riding activities with parents or other children. All children can work on their horsemanship skills by competing in the gymkhana or moving cattle while receiving pointers and coaching from family-friendly wranglers.

Harmel’s Ranch Resort in Almont, Colorado delivers family fun at affordable prices in a superb location, near Crested Butte and Gunnison. This family dude ranch has been operating since 1958 and brings a touch of old world style to everything they do. No fancy-schmancy accommodations, just cozy cabins and tons of action and fun … horseback riding, fly-fishing, white water rafting, evening hay rides and more. Their overnight ride to high camp, junior wrangler program and weekly steak/crab cookout have gotten two thumbs up from loyal guests. Unlike many guest ranches, Harmel’s gives families the flexibility to arrive any day of the week and to stay as long as they wish. And, for those of us who hate to leave our dogs behind, Harmel’s is pet friendly (though there are breed restrictions, so be sure to check their website).

Farm hand

Happy New Year.
How are you? Please consider my resume.
Andrei Tsitou
Phone: 011-(375)-29-749-6163
skype: ilent84211
e-mail address: silent84@mail.ru

Sovetskaia 12


I have some working experience in the USA (Working J-1 visa for 6 month:
April-September 2010). I had a job as an Associate Veterinarian at the
local pig farm in Alexis, IL. I was responsible for the animal vaccination
at the farm. I participated in some small surgeries, preventive
practices, providing some nutritional diets and taking care of some
animals. Also I can operate a farm tractor and some other farm equipment.

I would like to have some position at the animal farm according to my
basic education and working experience in the USA and Belarus.

Summary of my skills:

Five years of experience in animal vaccination and animal
Excellent veterinary skills
Capable of performing surgeries under anesthesia
Good communication skills
Good computer skills
Ability to solve the problems and work individually

MD in Veterinary Medicine from Vitebsk Academy of Veterinary
Medicine, Belarus (2006)

Work Experience in
(July 2008 -2010) Independent Veterinarian Consultant
Present-Kritcev, Belarus
Veterinarian consulting services
Providing the basic nursing care to the animal
Successfully performed anesthetic surgeries of the animals
Taking care of the animals if shifted to the intensive care
unit after surgery
Required veterinarian vaccinations

(January 2006 – May 2008)Sokolnichi LLC, General Veterinarian Belarus
Responsible for the providing first aid to dogs, cats, pigs
and other animals
Carrying out anesthetic surgery in case of emergency
Responsible for conducting an orthopedic and other surgeries
Responsible for deciding pet nutrition and prescribing the pet
diet according to the pet’s health after surgery till recovery


I am ready to feed and give to drink to animals, to clean rooms where they
to contain. It is ready to carry out small repair of rooms. I am able to
work about a drill, a hammer, a screw-driver,,a petrolsaw and other tools.
On a farm in Alexis. IL I cleaned farms where pigs contained, disinfected
a farm, and feeding troughs for pigs. I have a driver’s license of
Illinois. I am ready to work for you.

Name: Andrei
City: Kritchev
State: Belarus

Health News- June 2011

5 Fun and Fantastic Resorts for Families – by Kayt Sukel

Trying to figure out where to take the family on your next trip? Here are five of Travel Savvy Mom’s favorite family-oriented resorts.

Walt Disney World Resorts. Even though I harbor a bit of an allergy to pixie dust, I must admit that Disney knows how to do family travel. And they do it well. Whether you are staying at a Disney branded property in Florida, Hawaii, France or California—or taking one of their fantastic cruises—you can expect good food, attention to detail and plenty of activities that the whole family will love.
Dreams Resorts. Offering resorts in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, don’t call Dreams an all-inclusive—it doesn’t quite fit. Their unlimited luxury concept is all-inclusive the way it was meant to be. And quite a dream for families looking for a great beach vacation. You can eat and drink excellent fare (no starchy buffets or well drinks here!) when you want and how you want on the property without worrying about your kids losing paper wristbands. Dreams also allows kids under 12 to stay (and eat) for free. With beautiful grounds, gorgeous white sand beaches and fun amenities, it’s a place that the whole family will want to keep coming back to.
Vedema Resort. They said Santorini, arguably one of the most beautiful Greek Islands, wasn’t for families. They said there was nothing for you there. Obviously, they didn’t know about Vedema Resort. This beautiful property is modeled after a small, whitewashed Greek village. Surrounded by vineyards in the middle of the island, it offers only suite-type rooms and plenty of space for your kids to run around when they’re not splashing in the pool.
Vista Verde Guest Ranch. What family doesn’t want the opportunity to unleash their inner cowboy? There are plenty of dude ranches peppering the Colorado countryside, but Vista Verde in Steamboat Springs offers an all-inclusive deal and an activity list that will make your kids giddy with anticipation. Participate in a cattle drive one day and then do some rock climbing the next. And the kids-only programs will make you a little giddy, too.
Mohonk Mountain House. This incredible resort in New Pfalz, New York has remained a favorite for families for decades—and you’ll see why as soon as it comes into view. The spectacular (yet somewhat crazy) collection of buildings and grounds are second only to the service, food and amenities on offer. There is plenty here for the whole family whether you like to hike, bike, swim or play a little golf.