"Pick Me" poem

"Pick Me"

I haven’t been, but I so want to be,
in Colorado on a vacation spree!

To Colorado, Although I haven’t been there,
it looks to have all the flare.

Vista Verde is the name, and it is rare,
to find such a ranch with all it’s flare.

There are so many things to do,
like riding horses or gazing at the view.

There will be plenty of beautiful snow,
and the warmness of fires that are aglow.

This isn’t the beach, there is no hot sun,
or greasy sunscreen we know is no fun!

Take the time to enjoy crackers and tea,
in the comfort of complete luxury.

There is a chance it can be all yours,
away from work and all the chores!

Oh what dancing there would be,
if the lovely staff decided on me!

So if you win, enjoy this special place,
which is certain to put a smile on your face.

For little kids, older kids, and grown ups too,
This is, no doubt, the perfect place for you!

Name: Lisa Owens
City: Chesnee
State: South Carolina