re -doing vows

I’ve been married to my best friend for 17 years this spring. Almost divorced one time due to his drinking and my putting the cart in front of the horse. I looked up my highschool sweetheart and ex husband when the marriage went south. We agreed to divorce on Mothers day after his father past. My older brother said to stay put and not take off to local hotel. I’m from Seattle and live in South Carolina at the present. That next day I went with husband and our teen son to find a local church to stop the hate between us. Never looked back. We are back in love and happy and he doesn’t drink anymore and my ex remarried two years ago. My husband is not comfortable in the heat of the south but learned to live with it. He bought property in the mountains off his inheritance, between South Carolina and North Carolina. He loves the snow. I hope to surpise him to re-do our vows in the mountains this spring. Thanks, Kaye

Name: kaye
City: Laurens
State: South Carolina