Ode to VVR

"There’s a place where Mother Nature’s got it all together…"
Oh, how I miss Colorado’s winter weather.

Colorado in winter is so very pretty;
I hope I can get there with this little ditty.

What beauty the sun brings with each new day.
Oh to ride in a one-horse open sleigh!

I’d like a vacation that connects heart with home,
And I like the looks of your cabin named Dome.

I’d further prefer a vacation with snow;
Without this great prize, I won’t be able to go.

Even if the contest this poem does not me win,
I hope to your faces it brings a big grin!


I wrote this poem for myself, but I’m entering the contest for my little brother and his new bride. They met on a guest ranch near Alamosa, CO. They’ve not yet had a real honeymoon yet, as they are both in school.

(Caption for attached photo: Kentucky needs more snow!)

Name: Cliff Godbold
Company: LPD
City: Lexington
State: Kentucky