The Dream of a Lifetime

From the time I can remember I have wanted a ‘ranch’ lifestyle. Not being afraid of hard work and extreme temperatures, I have always wanted a chance to experience a real ranch. My husband and I met in Tucson, AZ and had planned to live a rural lifestyle and perhaps one day have what I would consider a hobby ranch where I could live my dream; not Bonanza exactly, but close enough for two people who grew up in the suburbs back east. However, shortly after we married, we were surprised with the news that we were expecting. And, trying to do what we thought best, we gave up our idea of the ‘ranch experiment’ and continued our ‘normal’ life. Since that time, we have added another son to our family and life goes on. However, there is not a day that I don’t think ‘what if?’. Not that I am discontent at all, but having a visit to a ranch would certainly fulfill a long dream my husband and I shared. In fact, we have never even had a honeymoon but have been married now 16 years just this Dec 28th. I subscribed to "Top 50 Ranches" site on my FB page to keep the ‘dream’ alive and perhaps now we will have a chance to win a lifetime dream trip.
We are not skiing people, but would ride horses, enjoy the culinary classes and wine tastings, walks/hikes, back road tours and just embrace every moment we had together. I would love to surprise my husband with this trip and
thank you for this opportunity!

Name: Laura Hayden
City: Durham
State: NC