Winter Vacation

I would love to have a vacation at the ranch and would be bringing my mom because for me it would be the perfect vacation. we both love horses, I ride where she use to ride when she was my age. My passion and love is horses, I love anything and everything that has to do with horses although I don’t own one yet. I volunteer at a stable here in California when I’m not working at the vet clinic & also ride as often as I can which unfortunately hasn’t been much lately. I am in college and planning to transfer to Colorado Mountain College I’m going to school to become an equine veternarian. Also, I have never been on a real vacation my dad got hurt on the job which has now caused him to be disabled, a ceiling fell on top of him and removed his leg but was able to be reattached. He can no longer work so it’s just my mom and I working right now.

Name: Trisha MacFarlane
City: Covina
State: CA