Unconditional Love

I am 37 years old. I have three kids 17,14 & 10 yrs old. I meet my husband in 2005. When we met I told him he didnt want us because we were broken. He said anything broken can be fixed. I came out of a bad marriage prior and my two boys who were 10 and 7 at the time & were both on medication. my oldest son has OCD, Bi-Polar & ADHD. The 7 yr old has ADHD. My youngest child Sierrra was dopted when she was 5 wks old & she has Down Syndrome. Joshua was only 23 when we met. I never thought anyone would want me with 3 kids that all had problems. But he said he was not going anywhere, he was here to stay. A year later when my ex told the courts he wanted to give up his rights as a parent to avoid paying child support the courts said no that some one had to take his place, I heard a voice behind me say " I will do it, if he dont want them I do." The court replied, "who are you?" Joshua said, "I am her boyfriend and if he dont want them then its his loss" i turned and asked what are you doing? He replied "having a family if you will let me." From that moment on we were just that. The following Christmas he made it official with a ring. We never had a wedding due to funds we were married by the Justice of the peace Feb 16, 2006 & there was no honeymoon for the same reasons. October of 2006 the adoption papers went through and Joshua adopted all three of my kids. To this day he has been the best father he can be, always ther when needed and he works harder than anyone I know to make sure this family has all that they need. I will never forget that this man was only 23 when he took on the biggest responsability of his life. My boys are no longer on meds, both are striving in school and my daughter is very high functioning and doing very well. Today my mother live with us and we take care of her too. Josh has been a blessing to this family. He works full time, goes to school full time and he is Army National Guard Reserves. I can not think of a better way to spend our 7th Anniversary then if we could come Vista Verda. Please allow me this opportunity to give back to my husband who has given so much to us.

Name: Taraleigh
City: Cuba
State: Missouri