Today (Dec 28) we celebrate 27 years

Vista Verde, September 2011. I was there with my husband, but felt very alone. We were approaching the 26th year of our marriage, and to any outsider, it looked like a pretty great run. But we were a mess, and had lost our connection to one another.

I know this isn’t a very hopeful start to the story, but hang on, please. It does get better.

We returned home, and all we could talk about were the magnificent nights we spent in our outdoor hot tub, with the stars on dark blue silk an incredible canopy. How insignificant we both felt with the universe engulfing us, and yet so blessed to feel one with it! We talked at length about our trip, laughed, and reminisced about the meals we ate, the morning rides, and afternoon happy hours. It felt so great to be able to share something so positive.

We are quite certain that those positive thoughts were the turning point for our marriage in a forward-thinking direction.

It is one of our greatest wishes that we return to the place that renewed our commitment to a future together, so as to cherish and celebrate the knowledge of how fragile life and love is, and how blessed we are to have it with each other.

Name: Katie
City: Mpls
State: MN