A Winter Daydream

As I sit and stare out my window, I begin to daydream about a winter wonderland where I escape the drone of everyday life. {Camera zooms in to single window pane. Cue frost on window}
I see in the distance a beautiful winter landscape with a backdrop of gorgeous mountains and several cabins nestled in the valley. Each one seems warm and inviting with the glow of a fire being enjoyed by those inside. Oh! To be a kid again! I would bundle up and take a plunge in the champagne powder snow and make a snow angel and laugh and smile while snowflakes fell on my cheeks. I would sled down the hills until my toes and fingers were cold enough that I would have to retreat for some hot cocoa by the fire. I would challenge my fears of strapping on skis and conquer my fear of skiing and through it all I would enjoy being outdoors. I would soak up all that I could to make up for all of those hours of working indoors.
As my daydream continues, I look off to my right and see a young couple out enjoying the winter weather and all that it has to offer and they seem invisible to its frosty chill. I sit there and envy their happiness and joy. Oh to be in love and know nothing can stop them in their way of happiness. A snowball fight followed by a lingering kiss amidst the snowflakes. A kiss that feels as if it could melt the snow around them. How wonderful a feeling. To be surrounded by the surrealism of it all. The picturesque landscape, the joy of being with the other, and the experience of a superb vacation…the feeling of being transported for a short time to another world, a world of pure bliss…a world where there are no day-to-day mundane issues to deal with.
I blink and smile and look off to my left to the sight of horses in the snow. What a regal sight. A herd of worthy animals guided by one superior example of equine excellence. Running though the snow, heads proud, gusts of frozen breath escape their nares, which adds to the majesty. How beautiful. How powerful. Things one does not always see and when one does, relishes the beauty.
I blink again but my eyes stay closed because I do not want the daydream to end just yet. I want to feel its power just a little longer. My smile brightens as I remember my first experience in this winter wonderland and I remember the dreams that I had during that time. I wished I could have it continue longer so I could experience the opportunities that I did not have time for or wanted to experience again. So many possible memories and experiences. So many that you knew when you left that you would have to return to make good on that promise. I would take a ride and take the reigns of a powerful steed. I would take part in breaking into song with the staff and make my singing debut in front of staff and guests alike. I would strap on skis like a pro and conquer my fears. Through it all I would enjoy the company of others and hope that I would add to the experience with others by meeting and befriending them.
As I open my eyes, I realize that I am actually sitting in a grand room filled with natural wood, antlers, comfy cozy chairs, and a glorious fireplace. Holy crap! I am actually where I want to be! A dream come true! I blink several times and remember to breathe. I focus on the person across from me and realize that my dream is a reality. I hear the dinner bell and the bustle of others and know that it is supper time. My mouth waters just thinking of the savory entrees and wine selection that is so expertly chosen. To know that after supper is the joy of my personal hot tub and more happiness to be enjoyed with my favorite someone. Thank you Vista Verde. What a miracle that I found you once and that I may be able to savor your kindness over again.

Name: Erica Clne
City: Russell
State: KS