A Unique Week

We are right in the middle of a unique week for the ranch. Normally some of our guests are new to Vista Verde, and many have been here before. This week we are completely full with all new guests. It is fun to watch a full house of guests discover the Vista Verde Ranch experience together. No one here to tell them that they should try something, don’t miss this, or make sure you do that. We love having guests who have become like family here at the ranch, but it’s kind of fun to watch this group maneuver their way through the week.

Now, although the group we’re playing with right now is made up of first time visitors, many have ties to the ranch that stretch farther than just this year. At least 5 of the families who are here were told about the ranch by friends who have been to the ranch in the past. We really appreciate that vote of confidence!

New guests on Sunday, family by Wednesday.