A trip for mom

I would love to bring my wife and I to celebrate our 20th anniversary at Vista Verde. My wonderful wife and I spent our 15th anniversary in Snow Bird Utah and had a great time skiing and enjoying the snow. Times were a little tight on our 20th anniversary this December 20th so we decided stay close to home and spend the night in a hotel. I am a Youth Minister in a Baptist Church outside of Atlanta and my wife works from home as a CPA so this trip would be a great opportunity for us to get away and spend some time together. Furthermore, my wife and I love to ski, run and bike, all things my mother has told us extensively about their trips. This brings me to my second and most significant reason for sending this entry. This trip would mean the world to my parents.
My parents, Jim and Wanda Willis, are about to make their 7th visit to Vista Verde in March. Their dream has always been to take the family. Despite a new pace maker, a broken leg and respiratory issues, mom keeps returning to Vista Verde and follows each visit with stories, pictures and excitement about the next trip. They daily check the weather forecast and post pictures of Vista Verde on Facebook. When mom checked the site on Christmas Eve to find your contest, she could barely contain her excitement. She saw it as a chance to fulfill her dream to visit Vista Verde with her family. I would love to surprise them by showing up to join them on their visit in March. Can you imagine their excitement when they show up to Vista Verde for the highlight of their year to find my wife and I there?! It would be so exciting to win and not tell them about our vacation together until we met them at Vista Verde. We would really put that new pacemaker to the test! Regardless of whether we are chosen or not, I want to thank you for the blessing that Vista Verde has been to my mom and dad. I love them very much and the work you do adds a great deal of happiness to their lives. Thank you for your consideration. May God bless you richly for the ministry you provide through your retreat.
Scott and Catherine Carpenter
Cumming, GA

Name: Scott Carpenter
Company: First Baptist Church
City: Cumming
State: Ga