You’re Kidding Right?

I’ve been reading some of the wonderful stories people have submitted on the VVR blog and, believe me when I say, every person who entered the contest is deserving of a stay. I believe I’m already a winner since I’ve been fortunate to stay at Vista Verde 13 times over the past 15 years. I’ve met some incredible people, including guests and staff, and have managed to maintain many of those relationships over all these years, have eaten some amazing meals, gotten more exercise in a week’s time than I normally do during the course of a normal year at home, and had some truly incredible experiences like participating in a cattle drive. I find myself a little guilty saying this after so many of the posted stories have tugged at my heartstrings but, life has been pretty good to myself and my husband. Like so many people these days my life took an unfortunate turn a year and a half ago when I lost my job after 32 years, a job I loved and at this juncture would be impossible to reproduce. I’ve been doing volunteer work at Bideawee Animal Shelter in New York which has helped keep my spirits up but, it’s sort of difficult not having a place to go to every day and losing a community of friends, co-workers, and colleagues. So, I’m asking you to please send me back to Vista Verde Ranch which has always felt like coming home to me. I’m desperate to escape from this concrete jungle called The Big Apple so I can breathe that crisp Colorado air, surround myself with some genuinely good people, and reconnect with the important things in life. If I’m blessed with another stay I would give everyone working at the Ranch a big hug (maybe that would preclude me from winning this contest). head straight to the ski hut, put on my cross country skis, and spend some quiet time admiring all that beautiful scenery. I would take advantage of all the activities Vista Verde has to offer which is alot and hopefully recharge my battery so, when I get back to New York the search for a job won’t seem as daunting. Thanks for your consideration and, looking forward to seeing everyone real soon.

Name: Jill Erickson
City: New York
State: New York