Horses and Hope

My friend has raised three great kids and has always loved the mountains and horses. She is struggling physically (menieres disease) and financially and lives in a dark basement apartment on a 40 acre ranch, on the eastern plains of Colorado, in order to afford keeping her two horses. The horses are her one connection to a better life she once had and provide her with the "mental therapy" she needs to sustain in her struggles. She can barely afford hay for the guys, let alone her rent.

While I’ve been helping her with things like food, hay and gas money, she would really like a get away. Financially I’m struggling as I try to help get a start up company off the ground and keep one kid in college and another finishing her senior year of high school. She has talked of getting away for a long weekend but financially it is impossible for her to do. A vacation has not been a part of her life for some time now. I would like to help her achieve that.

When I saw this contest and the fact that it had her love of horses, a ranch and the mountains I couldn’t help but think that this would be a trip that would lift her spirits and provide a renewed hope for her in 2013.

I imagine her stay as one that would allow her to be pampered a lot. She would sleep in without the worries of feeding the horses or mucking out the corral and shed they share.

She would rise and get a filling breakfast and head out to the horses. Her days would be filled with trail rides and being with the horses. I will warn you though, she would probably ask if she could help in the feeding or grooming of the horses as she loves them so much.

She might then head back to the lodge and spend the afternoon reading, napping and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the property on a snow shoe hike or another ride. She would return to the lodge and I would pay for her to get a massage after a session with your yoga instructor. She enjoys yoga and massages and finds it helps in her battle with fibromyalgia.

She would then enjoy a fabulous dinner in your dining room and would probably sign up for a cooking class with the chef. She rarely cooks anymore since she lives alone but this is another passion that could be renewed in her.

I hope you select her as you will be providing a great woman a chance to start the new year by being inspired to "fight the good fight" and giving her the gift of renewed hope.

Name: Jim Dickson
City: Highlands Ranch
State: CO