For my parents that deserve the best!


First off all, let me start by saying that this giveaway is a very nice gesture! I myself spent my honeymoon at Vista Verde last winter and it was the one of the BEST experiences in my life. Although i would love to go back, i am hoping to win these giveaway for my Mom and Dad.

Heres my story: I am 24 years old and have two of the best parents anyone could ask for. They have been through a lot of hard times these past 5 years or so. My mom is 56 and has yet to see snow. She came from Cuba when she was a little girl and has never had the opportunity to travel out of florida which is where we are from. My dad is 67 and has been a hard working american all his life. We owned a family construction company for about 13 years which was very successful. My parents provided my sister and myself with anything and everything we desired growing up. Which is why i hope to repay them for all they have done for me. My father is just one of those guys that is too nice for his own good and unfortunately he has been taken advantage of too many times. About 4 years ago someone broke into our place of business and stole all of our construction equipment and somehow got away with it. That simple robbery cost us the company. My dad was not able to recover the company and my parents are now battling to stay afloat and not file bankruptcy. I am not writing a sob story, i am simply trying to make my point across. I feel as if my parents are two genuine, nice, and caring people yet time after time bad luck and bad times keep following them around. Right before the robbery occurred and things were going down hill my dads dog Buddy got Lymphoma cancer. Well of course this dog meant the world to my parents so they spent about 14,000 on chemo hoping he would get better. Buddy after a year and a half passed away. They just cant catch a break! They are getting older and financial fights keep erupting and i am tired of always seeing them depressed. I wish day in and day out that i would win the powerball just so that i can show up at their house and say " Mom and Dad everything is going to be ok". They have not been able to vacation in over 20 years. I feel Vista Verde can be one of the last joyful memories they can have together as a couple before they get any older. Sometimes life is not fair and you wonder why bad things happen to good people. I hope Vista Verde can change that ! I would like to see my parents smile for a change 🙂

Thank you !
-Melissa Bandos

Name: Melissa Bandos
City: Miami springs
State: FL