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My childhood background is that of the high altitude Carpathian Mountains of Romania, which is one of the most beautiful places on earth (in my humble opinion)! I would love to live back home for a little while again. Oh to relive the joy of the mountains’ beauty, of fresh white snow, of sledding, and of sleigh raids under the stars!
The description of your ranch and the wonderful activities available at Vista Verde took me back in time to my childhood for a few moments. If I should win this winter getaway, I would love to share a little piece of my magical childhood with my husband who has never had the opportunity to experience such beauty. I would spend the three days horseback riding, sledding, improving my skiing skills, but most of all, taking my marriage to the next level!
Thank you very much for considering my entry!

Name: Maria Petersen
Company: Mayo Clinic
City: Rochester
State: MN