A Dream Come True

My fiance and I dream of living on a ranch. He grew up in a place called a Kibbutz in Israel. A kibbutz is a small community that is essentially a utopian society based on agriculture. I grew up a "Valley Girl" in Los Angeles. He worked in the fields as soon as he was old enough to push a wheelbarrow and I begged my hard-working, single mother for horse-back riding lessons. He spent 7 years in the Special Forces of the Israeli military, while I watched the war on television from the safety of my home. Somehow, growing up a half of a world apart, we both met and fell in love in Las Vegas, where we live now. We come from completely different worlds, and yet we have the same dream to own and live on our own ranch someday. We have a few horses that we ride as often as we can, and we save every penny we get so that hopefully one day, they can live in our backyard. Which would be pretty difficult now, considering we live in a condominium 🙂 I read an article several years ago about your ranch in Sunset Magazine. I searched the internet for more information about the area and the ranch. I even read the available job positions at Vista Verde while I fantasized about going to live and work outdoors with horses and animals. I fell in love with it and the idea of living on a ranch. My life took a different turn though, and I began my own children’s dance studio. Dancing has been in my family for four generations, and I suppose owning a studio was always in the cards for me. My grandmother owned several studios in L.A., and my mother taught at the dance studio I grew up in so that I could take classes for free. Dancing has always been a special love of mine and I have been studying and performing the art of dance since I was three years old. I love my students and my life and I wouldn’t trade a second of it. However there is that part of me that is yearning for a life in the country. Waking up early and feeding the horses and the chickens. Having a cup of coffee on the porch under a blanket with my love, while it’s still so cold out that you can’t tell the steam of your coffee from the steam of your breath. Maybe someday I will see these dreams come true. I have realized though that it’s not reaching your dreams that matters…it is having dreams. Being able to stay at your ranch would be fulfilling the dream of living a life on a ranch even if it’s just for a few days. It really would be a dream come true.

Name: Amanda Sizemore
Company: The Beat Dance Academy
City: Las Vegas
State: NV