What is a Horsemanship Retreat?

Horsemanship retreat at a dude ranchYou’ve heard of a horsemanship clinic, but what is a horsemanship retreat?  Our horsemanship clinics have been a lot of fun for us, and we have actually started casually calling them horsemanship retreats as that seems to be more of the feel to the guests.  Why?  Because it’s a time to immerse onself in understanding the horse and focusing on that apsect of the ranch, rather than all the other bells and whistles we normally offer at our dude ranch.  We offer one in the spring (March 21-25, 2012) and one in the fall (Oct 3-7, 2012).  

Each morning breakfast is at 8am,  and then we head off to the barn to work on the topic of the morning in the arena (usually in the indoor, but if the weather is nice we’ll go in the outdoor).  There isn’t a set topic as ranch trainer Terry Wegener sees where the group is and picks something to focus on at each session.  For those of you who know Terry, this isn’t surprising.  For those of you who don’t know the horse trainer at our all-inclusive Colorado resort, know that he is great at making each topic fun and interesting and challenging for each rider’s ability.  After the morning session we have lunch down in the Main Lodge, followed by another session on horseback in the afternoon.   Following dinner, guests get the chance to relax in their cabins, take a well needed soak in the hot tub, or visit in the Great room.

The other activities we normally offer if you were to join us for our regular luxury dude ranch vacations are not offered during this time as the focus is just on riding.  These clinics are geared towards an intermediate rider who wants to learn more about understanding their horses and how to communicate better to them.  Terry has a reining background, so that is his platform, but he can speak to many styles of riding. The rate for the 4 night stay is $1,400/person.

We hope to have you join us at some point for a Horsemanship Retreat!