Opening Day Countdown

Many people begin opening their advent calendars today, counting down the days until Christmas. Here at the ranch, we’re doing the countdown to opening day. Our first guests arrive on December 19 and will help us celebrate a white Christmas. I’m going to try to be your Vista Verde countdown clock and post a daily update on what’s going on during this exciting time. The guides are arriving today so they can begin guide training tomorrow. Rob and Pat are opening up the kitchen, scrubbing it down and putting in food orders for the next week. We’re all pretty excited to have them cooking again. It’s such a treat to not be packing lunches and to have a hot breakfast in the morning!

As you can see from the picture, the snow is starting to pile up in the meadows, but the south facing hillsides are still bare. This is pretty typical for December 1, and with a couple big storms in the forecast for the next week or two those hillsides will soon be covered up as well.

Let the countdown to winter vacation at Vista Verde begin!

Snow piling up at Vista Verde