Go Green. Give an experience rather than a Gift

So I can be a little bit of a tree hugger which is why I get an e-newsletter that focuses on health, wellness, environment, etc.. As with many of these types of things, often times I just hit the delete button due to lack of time. But today, one of the headlines caught my eye. It was a blog about being environmentally friendly this year for the holidays by not giving a physical gift. For some reason it peaked my interest so I read it. And darn it, he didn’t mention a trip to Vista Verde, but he should have!! Rather than a toy or a tie, give your loved ones a ranch vacation where you can share an experience together and build memories that will last much longer than the AA batteries in the toys in our house.

I know, I write this with a sense of humor- how dare I suggest giving a big trip like this in lieu of a $20 toy? But what the heck, it’s a great idea AND environmentally friendly! Ho, ho, ho…..

It’s still snowing and the staff are still hard at it getting their fill of how-to’s and why’s. 10 days to go…..