Burzy Wurzy

That’s the line we use in my house (for those who don’t know me, I live with a 4 year old) when it’s just that cold out. And all of us at the ranch keep looking at the thermometer in disbelief each morning because it has been THAT cold for 3 days now. Terry claims that his car told him it was -23 yesterday morning. Bill says he would never trust a Jeep and that his “accurate” thermometer said it was -12. Ok folks, when it gets that cold, the difference between -23 and -12 really doesn’t matter. It’s just too darn cold. We can’t figure out what’s going on, but those of us who get to work inside are sure happy with our desk jobs right now.

The upside of this crazy cold weather is that the sky has been sparkling clear at night and blue as can get during the day. Even though we are closer to the sun up here, it still isn’t quite doing the trick as it beams down on us.

Those of you coming later this winter, don’t panic. This isn’t normal and as I write this the sky is beginning to cloud over (which actually means it is warming up) and a storm looks like it is rolling in. So, Wanda and our other snow dancers, start doing your dances! Bring on the snow, that real champagne powder. And we’ll start getting ready for those perfect days of winter when those of us inside are REALLY, REALLY jealous of those who get to go out and play.