15 days to go…

I missed the moon shot last night…. but the manager dinner was great. It’s pretty rare that we all have a chance to get together socially which is too bad since it’s such a great group of people. The talk about work was limited and we got to just laugh and have fun together.

I opened my computer this morning to an email from one of the families coming for the holidays, telling me that they had to cancel. That’s never good news- both for them and for us. So, we now have a cabin open for New Years…..in case any of you want to make a last minute getaway! That’s our only cabin for the New Year’s week, but we do have a couple cabins for the Christmas week still too….White Christmas anyone? No cooking or cleaning or entertaining family? Does it sound appealing to have a real Christmas vacation?

We have a big meeting on the agenda this morning, and then more guide training. Off to get ready for that!