The snow is here to stay

October is fickle here in Colorado. It can be beautiful and cool and sunny and just ideal. Or, it can be blustery and sleety and make you want to run away to Mexico. This year, those in charge of the weather have decided to make it a mixed bag. We’ve had the sensational Indian summer days and we’ve had 6 inches of snow on the ground at one point. With all that going back and forth, one thing has stayed constant. Ever since the first snowfall, the snow is here to stay on the highest peaks. The combination of the snow on the highest peaks and the occasional sunny day has made for pictures like this one. Hey, it may not be the prettiest time of year here, but it’s still worth looking out the window each day! And, in no time at all, the whole scene will be covered in snow and we’ll be ready to be a winter guest ranch again!