Sharing ideas

Today is my marketing brainstorming day. I spent some time this afternoon reading articles on social media and how it is used in various small businesses. As I read them, there are some applicable ideas. If I had all the time in the world I could Twitter, Flickr, comment on other’s blogs, etc, etc..but that time just isn’t there. I have had a lot of fun using this blog as well as our Facebook page to keep in touch with all of you and let you know what is going on here at Vista Verde, when you aren’t here. Well, actually some of you have even kept in touch online when you are here! But that’s another story.

In addition to keeping you all up to speed on the going on’s at the ranch, I also want to use these outlets to reach out to new guests. In the wide world of adventure travel, we are just a teeny tiny raindrop in a big, big bucket. It’s hard to figure out how to spread the word about Vista Verde. So, that was my mission today. To get some ideas on how to use these social media outlets to get in front of people who haven’t been here before. As much as we love all of you who come back year after year, if we don’t find new guests, our business model doesn’t work very well! As I thought through some of the ideas I was reading about, I kept thinking, “but we’re different. We’re a different product than a coffee shop or a restaurant.” You all know this better than anyone. So, I started thinking about how well you all know the ranch and how creative and smart you all are and wondered if any of you have ideas? How can we get Vista Verde Ranch in front of more people like you? Fun, adventurous types who like the finer things but want to have a unique experience?

So, to truly embrace the social media world, I am asking for any comments, ideas, thoughts, anything!

And I promise, the next post will be an update on what is going on at the ranch. Not just what is going on in my little brain. 🙂