Romance in the Horse World

Rachel's sweet fillyAhhh, love it in the air.  While Rachel is nuturing her new filly, Tele Tubbie is awaiting her bundle of joy to arrive any day.  There were a couple other mares we expected to have foals this year who turned out not to be pregnant.  So, in came Whiskey to wine and dine and romance these gals.  Hopefully, sending them on their romantic honeymoon getaway out in the mare barn pasture with Whiskey will result in some more foals next spring.

While Whiskey and the mares are enjoying their romantic mountain getaway, we are getting inundated with phone calls and emails from folks all over the world who are looking for Colorado honeymoon cabins for next winter.

Vista Verde Ranch is a great option for a romantic all inclusive resort vacation, and ideal for honeymooners!  Give us a call at 800-526-7433 or email us at for more information.