But, we thought winter was over?

A couple of us returned from a little trip to “the big city” (aka Denver) on Tuesday to snow and wind and cold. On Wednesday there was probably a foot of fresh snow on the ground and it continued on Thursday again. Today we finally have blue skies and dripping roofs again. For the past several weeks we’ve been enjoying the spring weather. Everyone around Steamboat has to talk about the weather, and everyone always says, “we know there will still be winter coming, but we’re sure enjoying this nice weather now.” However, even though we all say that, we are still sorely disappointed when it hits again. Not to say we don’t like snow here. We do snow dances all winter. It’s just that once you get spring fever, there’s no going back.

Another storm is on the way over the weekend, so it looks like we’ll be shoveling. It’s a good thing Bill hasn’t taken the plow off his truck yet….he’ll be needing it again.