A Romantic Feeding Frenzy

You know you're at a luxury dude ranch when…

You are walking to work and suddenly notice that nearly a hundred horses in the pasture up ahead are eagerly staring you down and moving silently toward you in one huge clump.  It's pleasantly eerie!  It's also feeding time…

So there I was jumping onto a sleigh plump full of hay bails, along with a few guests bracing themselves for take-off. No sooner had we greeted each other when the sleigh beneath us lurched into action,  pulling us through the arched gate and onto the playing field:  The Winter Pasture.

Feeding the Horses in the Winter PastureSuddenly, like a football game we were the most popular event out in the field with nearly a hundred horses chasing after us for the kill.  But these were no ordinary football players!   These creatures moved across the field with elegance,  their silky hair blowing in the wind.  Ready for a tackle they graceful side swiped the rear of the sliegh, their bodies bumping the losely stacked hay bails to the ground. A perfected strategy, I presume from years of practice!

What a beautiful feeding ritual and a romantic one at that!  No wonder there is such a draw to this place for people looking for romantic winter vacations and honeymoons!
I'm not sure if it's the stark white Champagne powder, made famous by the Steamboat Springs resort, that make their gorgeous colors stand out in the winter, or if it's purely genetics that give these creatures an ethereal look that captivates one's attention.  I'm thinking it's both.  But either way, their beauty, grace and playfullness has stolen my attention.

Hungry Horses

Today I saw a pregnant mare lay down on the ground then roll over on her back and playfully kick herself around in the snow.  Even horses have to have their fun!  I thought about joining in the luxurious bath but changed my mind as I saw piles of poo randomly decorating the field.  I think I'll stick to snow angels on my side of the fence.  Haha!