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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Story Ideas
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Story Ideas

We welcome requests from the press for information, interviews and even a visit if we can help make it happen! Check out some of our story ideas, help yourself to pictures and please contact Stephanie with any questions.

Downhill Daredevils Become Nordic Nuts

An increasing number of “downhill daredevils” are becoming “Nordic nuts,” trading the thrill of barreling down double-black-diamond runs for the serenity of rhythmically striding along tree-lined trails, climbing back country hills and/or racing on skate skis. Find out why and talk to skiers who have made the change– or who proudly wear both labels.

Reverse Snowbirds Flee Warm Weather

When blue skies and warm breezes get tiresome, warm-weather residents escape to winter. Each year, Vista Verde entertains many so-called “reverse snowbirds” who delight in the joys of winter at its best.

Riding a Two-Wheeled Horse

Peter Starr, a professor at USC and repeat Vista Verde visitor is also an avid mountain biker. “Why ride when you can ride?” Starr spends of his vacation on a mountain bike, exploring miles of pristine single track. Beginners work on Vista Verde’s mountain bike skills path; experienced riders like Starr ride with guides.

A True Vacation for Mom

By the time Mom plans the vacation, packs, gets the family to its destination, keeps everyone happy, gets them home and does the laundry, she really needs a vacation. Not at Vista Verde. From supervised kids’ and teens’ programs to special family activities, romantic couples time, a chance to pursue her own activities and child-free gourmet dinners, moms return home happy and relaxed.

A Seriously Romantic Vacation

Looking for a new romantic getaway idea? Get over lace, chintz and potpourri. A great new romantic getaway features lots of shared activity outdoors that sparks lots of shared activity indoors. After a day spent skiing, riding, sledding, snowshoeing or dog sledding, there’s nothing as tantalizing as returning to your private deluxe cabin and slipping into a steaming, secluded hot tub with your significant other before taking a pre-dinner “nap.” A gourmet, candlelit dinner and an impossibly star-filled sky add a dreamy finish to the day.

Backcountry Skiing for Everyone

Most people believe backcountry skiing is too strenuous and technically demanding for them. Most are wrong. Vista Verde Ranch makes backcountry skiing accessible to almost everyone. How? Contact Stephanie to learn more and connect with backcountry skiers whose ages and physical conditioning run the gamut from 10 to 80 and from couch potato to triathlete.

Adults Only

“Everyone’s there to make your life wonderful,” says Vista Verde visitor Leslie Dorman of Santa Monica, California. Although Vista Verde is known for its high staff-to-guest ratio at all times, the ratio is even higher during the adults-only periods, when the maximum number of guests is 28 (instead of 40). “There’s way more staff than guests– it’s incredible,” Dorman says. “When you’re with a group of like-minded people– people who want to be in the outdoors– for a few days or a week, and it’s only adults who aren’t distracted by their children, you build some really nice friendships,” Dorman says.