Vista Verde Ranch Luxury Resort Ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Wed, 09 Aug 2017 20:58:43 +0000 en hourly 1 Newly added October ranch stay Thu, 27 Jul 2017 12:36:19 +0000 Due to the popularity of our October short stay, we have added another option for guests looking to come out to the ranch without the full week commitment. The October 8-12 stay is already fully booked, but now we also have the option of another short stay October 15-19, 2017. The 4-night, 3-day stay will be an adult-only stay, and we will offer the same program as we do the previous week with horseback riding, horsemanship clinics, guided hiking, mountain biking and fly fishing as well as yoga, cooking class, wine tasting, and a photography workshop. That’s a lot of adventure to pack into a few days, so gear up and be ready for some fun! Activities are weather dependent, but there is always something to do indoors if the weather isn’t cooperating with us. Rates start at $1,795/person for the 4-night stay.

Learn more about our fall dude ranch stays or give Devyn or Melissa a call at 800-526-7433 to book your stay, and start packing your bags!

Chef’s Corner: Chilled Corn Soup Thu, 27 Jul 2017 12:29:53 +0000 Summer time is the perfect time of the year for chilled soups. This summer, Chef Chol shares his recipe for Chilled Corn Soup, just in time for the Olathe corn to be coming into season. Do you know the story about Olathe corn? Corn isn’t a major crop in most of Colorado, but there is a small area in the state where it has been produced with renowned success. Check out this article about Olathe corn from Food Republic, and then enjoy the recipe!

Chilled Corn Soup (8 servings)

• 6 ears corn, shucked
• 3 cups buttermilk
• ½ cup basil leaves, more for garnish
• 6 green onions, roughly chopped
• 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice, more to taste
• 2 fat garlic cloves, roughly chopped
• Kosher salt, to taste
• Radish slices, for garnish
• Extra-virgin olive oil, for garnish
• Chives, thinly sliced, for garnish

1. Slice kernels off corncobs (you should have 6 to 7 cups of kernels). Discard cobs and place kernels in a blender.
2. Add buttermilk, basil, scallions, lime juice, garlic, salt, and 1/2 cup ice cubes to the blender and purée until very smooth.
3. Strain mixture through a sieve, pressing down hard on the solids. Discard the leftover solids.
4. Chill the soup 2 hours until ready to serve.
5. Serve soup garnished with radish slices, chives, and a drizzle of olive oil.

News from the Nursery Thu, 27 Jul 2017 12:29:31 +0000 The foals are growing and getting used to being handled and loved by our guests each week. As we watch them lounge in the sunshine, frolic in the green grass, and stretch their legs running around the pastures, we’re getting to know their personalities and helping them get used to dude ranch life. Here’s a quick update on the sweet things from wrangler Liz B.

dude ranch foalPaisley
Born: 4/24/17
Sire: Shaq “Gray Stik”
Dam: Teletubby “Reynyday Whoaman”

Paisley is Shaq’s first foal to be born here at VVR! Shaq is our current resident stud here at the ranch, and we have been anticipating watching this beautiful filly learn and grow to see if she will have the calm, sweet, curious disposition both of her parents have. Like most gray horses, Paisley was born a darker bay color, but is starting to slowly gray out, just like her father, and displays a star matching that of her mother Teletubby. Paisley is extremely friendly and has a big, sweet personality. She is naturally curious and brave with new interactions and absolutely loves her weekly foal watch visits, where she gets to interact with guests. She especially loves getting pets and scratches from the kids that are more her size! Teletubby is back in foal to Shaq, so we look forward to a full sibling to Paisley in May 2018.

colt at luxury guest ranchMemphis
Born: 5/8/17
Sire: Shaq : “Gray Stik”
Dam: June “Frostys Red Baron”

Memphis is Shaq’s first colt to be born here at VVR. Memphis was born with a lighter red sorrel coloring, but with time is also starting to show some of his Sire’s gray coloring. Memphis definitely has the energy and athleticism of his father. Three days after his birth, he was already zipping around the pasture with the cutest little lope. Memphis is a little bit more timid than Paisley when it comes to interacting with people, but he gets more and more comfortable with people each day. He is a very sweet colt, and we are very excited to see his potential. June will be having another Shaq baby May 2018, so we look forward to seeing what this two produce next year!

foals on summer vacationApache
Born: April 2017
Dam: Ginger

Apache and his mom Ginger came to us from our cattle partner Matt Belton. Apache came to us at about one month of age and is growing fast. Apache is a cute little black colt with two white socks and the sweetest little face. Apache is by far one of the most curious, kind foals within the group of four foals we have this year. He’s inquisitive and quite independent of his mom at a very young age. He loves people and getting scratches and rubs in all his itchy spots! This young colt is very brave and seems to be a fast learner. His relaxed, carefree personality helps settle his mom, who can sometimes be nervous and very protective of him.

colt at family guest ranchHoulihan
Born: March 2017
Dam: Big Momma “Zans Rainy Gal”

Houlihan and Big Momma came to us from a horse sale in CO this last spring, and we are lucky to have them. Houlihan is a gregarious, friendly colt who gets his calm disposition and size from his beautiful, big-boned gray momma. Houlihan has great conformation, and his dark coat is already starting to gray out, so we’ll have another gray colt. He is extremely friendly and loves people. Big Momma is also currently pregnant with Shaq’s baby, who is due around next May/June 2018. With her easy personality and great size, we think the combination of those two horses will produce an amazing guest ranch horse.


Northern Colorado Speaks – July 2017 Thu, 27 Jul 2017 12:28:28 +0000 There are so many great reasons to come take a vacation in Colorado, and the folks at Northern Colorado Speaks point out that that history of Colorado is rooted in the Gold Rush and the cattle ranches that sprouted as a result. So, to go back to Colorado roots, they put together a list of some of the best dude ranches in the state. The article is titled 12 Dude Ranches in Colorado You’ll be Dreaming of this Summer. Read the article…..

Forbes – July 2017 Wed, 26 Jul 2017 04:04:42 +0000 Forbes writer Sherrie Nachman spent some time at Vista Verde with her boys, and shares he experience with readers. The article is titled “Trying to Find the Perfect Way to Unplug? Colorado’s Vista Verde Ranch is the Vacation Answer.” Well said–unplugging while still enjoying an adventure vacation with great food too is what we’re all about! Read the article….

Dude Ranch Life: How do they all have so much energy? Sun, 16 Jul 2017 03:51:06 +0000 Maybe it’s that I’m not 23 anymore, or maybe it’s just because our staff are just that adventurous. But, this morning it hit me that our staff are moonlighting (sometimes quite literally) in some pretty amazing athletic endeavors. Why did this hit me this morning? Well, Beka and I went for an early morning run, which was amazing and beautiful and fulfilling for this busy mom who is psyched when she fits in a 4 mile run. However, you must please note that Beka was merely warming up for a full day of guiding and anticipating that she would be leading a hike on the Zirkel Circle. You know, that silly little 11 mile hike into the Zirkel Wilderness. While we were out running, we saw footprints on the trail. Beka’s guess was that those footprints belonged to Shannon. She had invited Shannon to join us on our run but Shannon opted out. She was hoping to get a longer run in that morning…..before she also guided an all-day hiking trip. Ummmm…..ok.

This conversation led to further ones with other staff about their epic outings recently. The same energizer bunny Shannon joined Molly and Max H. earlier this week on a 21 mile/11 hour hike into the Zirkels. The highlight of the hike was getting up on top of Flattop Mountain.

Oh, and then there was the climb up Wapiti Mountain with Maggie A., Jonah S, Shannon (do you see a pattern her?) and Molly that started at sunset and got back well after the full moon was way up in the sky.

Well, I can’t forget to mention the gallant attempt to climb Farwell Mountain by Nolan and Max. Perhaps they didn’t make it all the way, but the scratches and bruises they brought back proved their pioneer spirit.

Of course, what better way to celebrate kid wrangler Max K.’s birthday than a sunrise hike up Hahn’s Peak with a whole crew of friends?

For creative adventures, the award goes to Jason and Sarah who are attempting to climb every mountain or visit every lake that one of our cabins are named after….each Sunday they tackle another one.

There was that night that Jonah J. hiked up to the top of Wapiti at 9pm, camped out, and was back at work by 7:30am.

Needless to say, our crew is making the most of their time off, and somehow they still have the energy to whip up amazing dishes, wash those dirty dishes, wrangle the horses and kids, and lead more wild adventures out into the mountains with our guests.

Anyone up for a walk around the block?

Dude Ranch Life: Special Visitors Tue, 27 Jun 2017 15:29:53 +0000 Recently we had some special visitors come up to the ranch. Does the name Tufly ring a bell for any of you? If not, here’s a clue: the Tufly family owned Vista Verde from the late 1920’s until the 1970’s. Their boys grew up on the ranch, so we were thrilled when Elvin and Roy came by to visit with their wives Carolyn and Delene. It was great timing, as they not only got to spend some time at the ranch and share stories of growing up at Vista Verde, but they also got to meet Chris and Laura who own the ranch now.

The guys had us totally entertained hearing about the trouble they got into as boys growing up on the ranch as well as what life was like at Vista Verde in those days. They used to close the ranch down in the winter, and ski in throughout the winter to shovel snow off the roofs of the buildings. Such a different lifestyle than what we have today!

It’s amazing how many people’s lives Vista Verde has touched in the past, and how many it continues to touch as a guest ranch today. We’re all pretty lucky to call it home for even a week at a time!

Salt Lake Bride and Groom – June 2017 Tue, 27 Jun 2017 14:17:27 +0000 While those of us with kids are in the midst of summer vacation and lots of kid time, this article reminds us that there can be a time when the kids aren’t a part of the picture and time with our partners is the priority. Tessa Woolf from Salt Lake Bride and Groom put together an article about 3 Romantic Outdoor Retreats to Get Away From It All, and we’re excited that Vista Verde was listed as one of those recommendations for romantic getaways. Read the article….. and start dreaming of that romantic vacation!!

]]> – June 2017 Tue, 20 Jun 2017 22:56:21 +0000 Writers Lauren Smith and Sarah Schreiber put together a list of “22 Vacation Destinations Your Entire Family Will Love” and this article was shared by recently. What a great list of summer vacation ideas for families, just at the right time! We were thankful to see Vista Verde included in the list, and always appreciative of people recognizing all we do to make the VVR ranch vacation experience the best family vacation ever! Read the article….

Dude Ranch Life: Angels among us Fri, 16 Jun 2017 12:29:56 +0000 On the very first day of my kids’ summer vacation we discovered that my daughter’s old faithful horse has some really serious health issues. Given that having a horse is an integral part of my summer childcare plan, this put us in a bind. Yes, we have plenty of horses here at the ranch, but they all have a job to do during the summer! So I’ve been madly hunting for a great horse for my kid. In that search, I have been reminded that it is a special creature who weighs 1,000 pounds and gently takes care of our children. It’s never far from my thoughts or those of all our wranglers as they work with our herd, but this situation has put it really high on my radar right now. We truly live among angels with these horses, and even the dogs and cats, here at the ranch who so patiently care for our little people.

No horse is perfect, just like none of us are–ok, maybe some of you have achieved perfection, but I’m far from it! However, as I watch these animals who are so powerful stand patiently while little girls braid their manes, or small children pull on their mouths with no awareness of the discomfort they are causing the animal, or a group of kids lie down and surround a young colt, leaving it with no escape when he is wired to always have an out from prey, I see little angel wings sprouting. So, parents, please remember when your kid complains that her horse eats grass to much, or that when he wants to trot or lope the horse doesn’t do it without a lot of kicking, or whatever other imperfections arise, that these creatures are taking care of your babies and keeping them safe. I’ve been shopping for a replacement horse who is safe and kind, willing and sure-footed, calm and gentle, and they are not abundantly available. So, I am treasuring the ones we do have here at the ranch. Because we are surrounded by angels here, and luckily the kids who come here (and my kids are included in that thankfully) get to spend time riding around on winged horses without even knowing it! Bet you never imagined when you booked your family vacation here at the ranch that you were also booking time with an angel?