Vista Verde Ranch, Luxury Guest Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch Luxury Colorado Resort
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Yoga, Photography and More Winter fun
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Yoga, Photography and More Winter fun

In addition to the usual snow sports activities we have put together a few other fun events that you can try while at the ranch.

Photography Ski

Shooting photos in this snowy landscape can be challenging. If you’d like to get some tips on better capturing the beauty of the ranch and its surroundings, then Carla Jones can help!

A local photographer and guide, Carla will help you with the intricacies of outdoor photography in snow country. You’ll start out in the lodge talking about equipment, settings, filters etc…and then move outside to ski and photograph.

Ranch Yoga

Yoga Fit instructor and guide Kelli King leads an all-levels yoga classes throughout the week. After a couple days of using muscles you’re not used to using, a yoga class may be just the thing to stretch out and refresh your body.

Our yoga room is fairly small, so we keep the classes limited to about 4 people, which allows for a little more personalized experience. Whether you are an experienced yogi or just trying it out for the first time, Kelli will tailor the experience so it’s just right for you.

Tubing (aka Sledding)

Okay, we have to admit that we had never thought we would actually be adding tubing to our list of activities. It was just something we did for fun with the kids, right? Well, the past several winters has changed our minds on that!

Tubing is rapidly becoming our most popular winter sport (can you call it a sport)? Adults, kids, friends, families, strangers…they all seem to be asking to be taken sledding at least once during their stay.

Maybe it’s the convenience of having our guides pull you up on the snowmobiles before you whip down the hill. Maybe it’s the new, high tech sledding tubes we’ve picked up. Maybe it’s just the childlike fun that never gets old of zipping down a hill. But it’s a hit, and it’s here to stay!

Evening Entertainment

Evenings at the ranch brings a chance to slow down after an active day, and enjoy the tranquility of the place. Some nights, we just lay low so you can enjoy the stars from your hot tub, or a good book by the fire.  Other nights there is an activity offered such as the Farwell Mountain Boys singing around the fire, telling tales, and sharing jokes.

The best part is every activity is totally optional and you are always welcome to just head home for the night to relax in peace and quiet.


After a day of riding, skiing or sledding, your muscles may be screaming for a soothing massage.  Hop in your hot tub to warm up, then head down to our spa room for a massage with our massage therapist. Treatments are usually available given 24 hours notice, but it’s best to arrange them early in your stay.  Massages are available at an additional cost.  See our massage therapy menu for a taste of how you can treat yourself while on your Colorado winter vacation.