Vista Verde Ranch, Luxury Guest Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch Luxury Colorado Resort
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Kitchen and Dining Room
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Kitchen and Dining Room


Cholly McGlynnCholly McGlynn
Executive Chef
Wilderness Advanced First Aid
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
School: CU Boulder

Cholly started of as a Sous Chef at Vista Verde in the winter of 1998. He proceeded to stay on the ranch for approximately nine years before leaving to pursue Artisan bread baking skills. Cholly soon realized that Vista Verde was his true home and moved back to the ranch in 2010 with his wife, Alaya, whom he met at VVR. They recently had a little boy named Eamon and love spending time with him. In 2012, Vista Verde offered Cholly the position as Executive Chef, where he, has since, been in charge of the wonderful food and dining program. Some of Chef Cholly’s interests include: hiking, fly fishing, camping, bowhunting and bread baking. Cholly is also a lifetime member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and a member of The Bread Baker’s Guild of America since 2004.

DSC_0035 (533x800)John Thompson
Chef de Cuisine
Wilderness Advance First Aid
Hometown: Hanford, CA
School: College of the Redwoods

John loves to travel; last year, he and his wife Erica (Head of Kids Programming) traveled around Spain and Turkey. He also likes to cook and enjoy the outdoors via hiking and camping. One can most likely find John fly fishing all around Routt County on his off time with his favorite pup, Goldie. A few of his most prized fish he has caught in the area  include a 24” Brown Trout and a 26” Rainbow Trout out of the Elk River.

DSC_0051John Canipe
Line Cook
Hometown: Yorktown, VA
School: Culinary Institute of Virginia

John loves cooking, mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing and working out. He has lived in six different states within the U.S. and three different countries, including three years in Italy and two years in Germany. He has been cooking professionally since 2012 and plans to open a food truck or restaurant in the future. Fun fact: John was the first of his high school graduating class to graduate from college and is the youngest graduate from the Culinary Institute of Virginia.

DSC_0050Andrew Fackler

Line Cook
Hometown: Westfield, IN
School: Ivy Tech Community College

Andrew, also known by fellow staff members as Fackler, enjoys playing guitar and backpacking. Andrew once worked as a cashier for the largest private employer in the United States. While in college, Andrew studied Linguistics and stayed with a host family in Spain for seven weeks during the summer before his senior year of high school. Fun fact: Andrew does not like Reese’s and used to be able to solve a Rubik’s Cube.

DSC_0047Hannah Williams
Line Cook
Hometown: Brownsburg, IN
School: Purdue University

Hannah graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management. In January, she will be attending Culinary School in Michigan. Hannah enjoys all things and is always ready to take on new adventures; her passion, though, lies in the kitchen. To her, food brings people together; people will always remember the time together over the meal they ate, unless the food was too amazing to remember otherwise.

Dalen SnodderlyDalen Snodderly
Line Cook
Hometown: Madras, OR
School: Johnson & Wales University

Dalen grew up in Central Oregon and moved to Denver at age 18 to pursue a dual-degree in Culinary Arts and Nutrition Science. She enjoys hiking, jogging, yoga and spending time near the river. Dalen previously worked as a dietary technician and is so excited to experience the summer at Vista Verde Ranch!


DSC_0413 (533x800)Trevor Nicholls
Culinary Clean-Up Crew
Hometown: Concord, MA
School: Sinclair Community College

Trevor loved being a guest at Vista Verde so much that he wanted to be a part of the staff community for this summer. Before working at VVR, Trevor worked at an ice cream shop called Ritter’s Frozen Custard. There, he learned about the finer points of dishwashing before taking his talents to Chef Cholly’s kitchen. Trevor is also a huge fan of all Boston’s sports teams. Go Red Sox!


DSC_0421 (533x800)Peter Terrio
Culinary Clean-Up Crew
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
School: North Carolina State

Peter enjoys hiking, traveling and rock climbing. In the past, Peter has traveled to Spain, Italy and France. He recently obtained a Bachelor’s degree of Aerospace Engineering this past May. He also enjoys working on cars and building RC planes in his free time. This will be Peter’s first season working at Vista Verde and he is excited to be spending his summer at this beautiful place!


DSC_0417 (533x800)Jeff Teague
CPR certified
Prep Cook / Culinary Clean-Up Crew
Hometown: Shelby, NC
School: North Carolina State University

Jeff has a passion for travel and has visited 48 of the 50 US States. In his spare time Jeff enjoys outdoor activities including: hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting.


Dining Room

DSC_0082 (533x800)Stephen “Bubba” Veteto
Head of Dining
ServSafe, Wilderness Advanced First Aid
Hometown: Parker, CO
School: Ponderosa High School

After previously working as a fly fishing guide, Bubba will be taking over the Dining Room this summer. He loves spending time outdoors, especially fishing. Bubba has been involved in guest ranch services for 5 years now. Fun fact:  Bubba was previously involved with the Steamboat Dance Theatre, a production that showcases many different styles of dancing; he performed the barn dance scene from the film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

DSC_0079 (533x800)Zach DeSutter
Hometown: Ringgold, GA
School: University of West Georgia

Zach has been studying the performing arts since he was fifteen and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre last year. After school, Zach did a travelling show with some of his college friends across the Midwest. Afterwards, he returned home to break the world record for the “longest dramatic performance.” Outside of acting, Zach’s passion is travel, so he is just enthralled for a chance to work at Vista Verde!

DSC_0064 (533x800)Natalie Peterson
Hometown: Flower Mound, TX
School: Brigham Young University–Idaho

This is Natalie’s first season here at Vista Verde. Some of her hobbies include horseback riding, hunting, fishing and painting. She is studying graphic/interior design at Brigham Young University–Idaho. In 2012, Natalie participated in a service trip where she spent time in Honduras assisting with building a school for young children. One interesting fact about Natalie is that she has one leg that is longer than the other.


DSC_0146 (533x800)Meagan Kelly
CPR, First Aid
Hometown: Powder Springs, GA
School: University of Georgia

Before returning for her second season at Vista Verde, Meagan spent her off season walking the El Camino de Santiago, a hike across Spain  with fellow VVR staffer Beka Adam. Last year, Meagan finished an 11 month mission trip to 11 countries, called the World Race. Other activities Meagan loves to get involved with include origami, pie baking and karaoke. She cannot wait to share her love for nature, horses and arts & crafts with the kids this summer. Yehaw!


DSC_0068 (533x800)Rachel Mann
EMT, ServSafe
Hometown: Lebanon, OH
School: Miami University

After being a guest this past winter, Rachel couldn’t get enough of VVR! She has a twin brother and an older brother as well; both are currently involved with medical schooling. At Miami University (in Ohio, not Florida), Rachel studied Zoology, with her favorite animals being elephants and pigs. Rachel has previously been to Portugal and Belgium and has lived in the Caribbean.

DSC_0006 (2) (427x640)Jessica Rennard
Hometown: Westfield, IN
School: Westfield High School

Jessica loves sports and she is always willing to try anything once! She loves to travel and do photography. Her love for travel, beautiful places, and her sense of adventure is what brought Jessica to the ranch! In her free time she enjoys watching romantic commedies. A fun fact about Jessica is that she can quote every single line from the movies Frozen and Pitch Perfect!