Breeding Program

Vista Verde began breeding horses in 2009. Our objective is to produce versatile, sound minded, people-loving horses that are also really good looking and pretty! So far, we are right on track. Our foals come from championship bloodlines in both the reining and cow competition worlds. Even our horses are no less than 4 diamond quality!

Anyone who is a fan of studying pedigrees knows it’s the ladies who make it all happen.  As you’ll see in the list below, our broodmares come from pretty great bloodlines and make wonderful crosses with our stallion.  Here are some of our main gals.

Name Registered Name Born In Sire's Name
Lucky Lucky Charm Dunegan 2008 CT Reyn Mann
Telletube Reynyday Whoamann 2005 CT Reyn Mann
MJ Mary Jane Reyn 2005 CT Reyn Mann
Flicka Whimsys Last Chic 2005 Remedys Chic Mate
June Frostys Red Baron 2006 Trace of Frost
Megan Megan Command 1997 Cee Bee Command
Mama Aprees Command 1996 Cee Bee Command
Lena Aprees Peppy Lena 2002 Shawn O Lena
Oakley VVR Emmie Oakly 2010 Peptos Blue Oak

Each year we’ll produce anywhere from 4-6 foals.  The goal is to raise them, train them, and move them into our riding strong.  Although we keep most of them to work into our herd, we do sell some as show prospects to support our program. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one of our foals or young horses.

Horses for Sale

Throughout the year we go through our horse roster and identify horses that aren’t the best fit for our herd.  There are various reasons that we might be trying to find a new home for one of our horses.  Some need a one person home, rather than having new riders each week.  Some horses aren’t physically able to hold up to the hard riding we do here, and we would rather find them a home where the riding style and frequency will suit them better.  Some need a more experienced rider, and we don’t consistently have riders to ride that type of a horse.  Some just need to have a retirement home as they’ve worked hard for us, but now need more sunshine and a cabana lifestyle.

If you are looking for a great horse, check back here frequently as we’ll keep this page updated as we have horses available for sale.


Arrow_H (400x300)Arrow is an old guy who needs a loving retirement home.  He is a gem with children–gentle, kind, and safe.  But, he suffers from breathing issues (suspect asthma) so going up and down the mountains around here is hard on him.  He’s free to the right home.